A Wee Bit of This-n-That…

Thanks for the lovely comments on the last two posts…I am trying to get caught up on back responses…you know how I hate when I fall that far behind. But I love all the great Dr. Strangeguy comments…the story just kind of fell into my head when I was driving the family back from an outing. Yeah, I know, weird. And it wasn’t even the grocery store!

Today was a typical Saturday, no sofia to break up my workweek…and I’ve been missing her. She is so sweet. But today it was back to reality, so off I went to work. Master took forever to text me His morning greeting…we have a cardinal rule that we each MUST text the other at LEAST in the morning and evening. HE will tell you that I text 188 more times during the day (I don’t really), and he responds to two of them. (He does, really.) So in my oh-so-submissive-way (insert snort sound here), I texted him (again) asking if He was still alive, and if HE violated our standing rule, did that give me 9-seconds free-attack on His nipples?

To which He replied to leave His fucking nipples alone.

(works, every time. hehehe)

It was uncertain if He could meet me after work. I told Him it was okay (truly, pulling up those “big girl panties” and dealing can be hard at times) since He had given sofia and I three hours last weekend.

But He texted me back and said He’d meet me! I couldn’t stay long, but gosh, that wee touch is so important. I left, beaming. He followed me out to the car and kissed me, and tickled me. He loves to make me giggle.

“You’re such a silly slut,” He smiles, shaking His head. These times with Him are every bit as precious as the times behind closed doors when He is tender, and direct, and pain-giving. They sustain me. The memory will linger with me through the week, making me smile even when my children are driving me up the frigging wall…

I’ll remember the great sweetness of His smile, His “faux” gruff voice, the feel of His hand holding mine, and everything will snap back into “good” again.

Here’s hoping that your today will be full of “good” moments, too!