Fuck Lady

do you remember when you were a proper lady? there you were in your pretty blue party dress, your pretty pearls draped around your slender throat? your lips smiled, painted red as any whore’s, your teeth flashing against that slash of ruby. you tossed your head back as you sipped the champagne, your eyes as blue as cornflowers. even across the room from you I saw them, noticed the curve of your bare shoulder, the swell of your breast hidden below the soft cotton.  I knew then that you would wind up here, no longer a fucking proper lady, just a fuck lady. my fuck lady.

do you recall the flutter of nerves in your belly as I took your wine flute away, enticed you into a dance across the crowded floor? we moved quickly across the room, away from your lady-friends, and out the door to the garden. I shushed you with a kiss, and a cruel twist of your nipple through the blue flowered fabric of your dress.  you whimpered into my mouth then. 

remember the glow of the moonlight illuminating the path through the maze, into the field, and across it to my home? you were half-gone with drink, and the many kisses and pinches I fed you. I could tell then that you wanted this as much as I did, wanted to be the object of my painful fixation.

and how could you forget, after all, it was only last evening. only yesterday when you allowed me, a mere acquaintance, to pull you out the doors away from the party, and into my lair.

in that moment, I hungered for you, and now I shall make you hunger for me. your nipples ache under the kiss of the clamps, your pussy clenches as the vibrator pulses just low enough to keep you wanton–yet never enough to sate. you’ve been on the edge so many times, but still no cumming for you.

your body twitches each time I jerk my cock over you, splattering your naked form with my juices–I love how you look covered in my semen.

soon my cock will rise again, and now drained, will take a long, long time to reach satiety. your cunt will be swollen, sore and hurting as I pound into your soft and tender pussy–I know I’ll enjoy the sounds you make as I mate with you. And you’ll come, oh fuck will you cum.

you’ll coat me with your sexy dew, making it easier to slip and slide my way deeply inside, banging balls deep into your hotness. you’ll be tight, wanton, wanting me to stop long before I’ll be ready to.

Silly lady slut.

now you are mine.