The Visitor (9)

The heat baked the mountains of western Massachusetts. Shimmers of it wrinkled the air each time Sarah looked down to the valley far below. The corn was tall and  ripe, the timing perfect. It was just a few more days until the Fourth of July. They’d sell more corn to the valley stores this week than at any other time of the year, so naturally it would turn to sweltering as she harvested. Even this early in the day, sweat ran in rivulets down her temples, along her spine, soaking her. They rarely experienced this kind of heat here; to have extended day after day of it? Unheard of. Yet for three days they had shimmered under the relentless early-summer sun. Thunderstorms were forecast for each afternoon, but every one seemed to miss their fields. A few more days of this and she’d had to  dredge the field bare before it wilted the corn. But for now all of her harvest was fat and creamy white. A favorite of the locals, Silver Queen was only taken this early in the corn season. When she was done up here, she’d send Larry to town with a full truck. Locals would be queued up waiting for this first shipment of the day.

Sarah worked throughout the morning, divesting the upper fields of their bounty, as Larry trucked back and forth to the valley stores. At midday she took a break, her stomach rumbling in that now-familiar way. A toss-up if she would shoot her cookies, or empty her bowels, she ran to the edge of the upper pond, and fell to her knees. This was the worst, yet. And she was hot, so damned hot. The sun beat upon her back. She felt more uncomfortable than she ever had before in the heat, and wondered briefly if she was suffering heat exhaustion, if Zach would find her body shriveled up here in the sun.

The thought of her lover, her friend, her amazing boyfriend gave her strength. Peeling off her clothing she fell into the pond. The chill of it shocked her, waking her body and mind. Nipples clenched, her pussy tightened, as the cool water relieved her. Rising from the pond, she walked, naked, out of the water and to the side of her tractor. She was sorely tempted to finish the harvesting bare-assed. Imagining Larry’s face made her giggle as she drew a water bottle from the cooler strapped behind her seat.

A bunny darted out of the tall grass, saw her and the tractor, and squeaked. Turning it darted away. On a whim, she followed it, crooning to it. It stopped, then bounded off again. She followed it to the verge of the field, where tall stalks awaited harvest. To the right was the open area where she had finished the harvest, knocking down the tall stalks. Already crows had gathered, pecking at the ground searching for lost kernels.

A sudden cramp drove her to her knees. Head pressed against the ground, she felt as if her insides had turned around, felt the press of something down her vagina, the pop as it passed through her lower lips. A wave of dizzy nausea made her lose the water she had just drank.

Shaking, she rose weakly. On the ground between her thighs was a mass of tissue.


She wondered if she had passed a cyst or something, if that had been the root of her issues all along. With a shudder, she pushed herself to her feet. For a moment she debated scooping up the mess, then decided to leave it. She could bring Zack up here later. But suddenly she felt better than she had for months.

it stiffened in the water. the eggbearer! she was in distress as were his eggs…

with a rush, he rose from the water, assuming his translucent state.

the heat hit him like a weapon, draining the cool from him. pain assaulted him, making him curl his tentacles tightly around himself for protection of his cold core.

moving as swiftly as he was able, he began the trek up the sloping earth to where the eggbearer was.

She decided that she felt good enough to finish this one last upper field. The next group was just a day off ripe, as they had planned for in the winter, revolving fields that would come ripe day after day. Finishing up, she took the track down the hill heading for the barn where Larry waited for this last load for town.

it was torn. suddenly he felt the presence of the eggbearer moving away; yet the awareness of the eggs pulled him with a deeper call. he knew where the female biped would be and could easily track her.

he hadn’t known how very hot this place could be.  evaporation was quick, the ground like fire as he passed over it. he moved slower, increasing the drain on his resources. a tentacle fell off, and dissolved with a hiss and splash. the puddle of it dried as he watched.

three more tentacles had fallen by the time he reached the edge of the field where the egg sack lay. yet as he found it, he saw the burnt, dry blackness of it. his tentacles touched and stroked, yet he had no moisture left to attempt to revive it.

The pond was close. Turning he made his way, but two more tentacles fell, and he crumpled to the ground. His journey through space on the small meteorite was coming to an end…..

The pond rippled in the wind, uncaring of the small puff of moisture that rose from the rock at the edge. It’s coolness mocked the heat of that rock, even as the small puff of steam evaporated.


“It was right here. I don’t understand.”

“Likely some animal scavenged it.”


“Well, crows, turkey vultures, foxes…they’ll all eat that sort of thing. The important thing is that you feel better now. Not sure why the ultrasound didn’t find it, but medicine is not a perfect science.”

“Is that why you call it a “practice”?”

Her giggle stirred him. Arms wrapped around her as his mouth found hers.

“Funny little bitch.”

She laughed into his mouth.

“It’s been months. I’ve been meaning to ask you on a special date. We’ve not gotten time since your harvest began…”

“Life of a farm girl, city boy!”

“I was thinking an overnight in New York City…”

“New YORK? Zach…you can’t get much further from the farm than that…”

He smiled at her, understanding she was talking lifestyle and not distance.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Corn, corn, corn…”

“No flies on you, city boy. Smart as a whip you are!”

She rubbed her nose against his chest, loving the smell of him. In moments they were on the ground, clothing strewn everywhere. The earth was cooler now as the sun set in brilliant hues. His cock found her pussy, taking her deeply, quickly.

“I shouldn’t…” he murmured against her throat.

“If you stop now I’ll make you the field scarecrow…” her voice growled as she bit his shoulder.

Laughing, the dance of bodies continued as the sun set in ruby tones. To the east, the moon rose as the sky there filled with star-speckled darkness.

The End