The New Normal

Sweat rolled down her brow. Hands behind her back, she couldn’t rub away the drop that threatened to roll into her eye. The rough hemp rope scratched at her wrists, but she remained still.

If she relaxed for even a moment, her left tit would come in contact with the violet wand that was secured at nipple height. The device let out a low hum while resting, but the resulting snap and zap were sharp and unpleasant.

It hurt, yet perversely, made her pussy throb with longing.

The sting of sweat in her eye broke her concentration and she inhaled sharply, lifting her breast into the zapping tip of the wand.

She’d wanted more. He’d brought in a box full of new toys, and a deep, dark smile.  She’d invited the dragon into her daily life; in turn he’d brought pain, desire, and a deliciously devious pleasure.

This, then, was her new ‘normal’. With an aching tit, and a throbbing pussy, she resumed her position.

“Good slut.”

The praise warmed her, fooled her into relaxing–and being zapped again–a mistake her nipple paid for.  He laughed, she winced, and the game continued.