Deviant – Alternative

is very fine, very fine. is fine to go in. water is warm. soothing. is very fine.”

“Just get in.”

She wasn’t sure. The short Asian man stood, hands clasped together, bobbing his head. Her Master stood watching her.


Good, very good…up steps…yes…into robe here…”

“What’s going to happen?”

“You’re going to strip and get into that vat. It’s like that tank I took you to when we first came here. The one with the fish that nibbled off the dead skin on your feet, remember?”

“Oh! I do remember…that was fun! It tickled but it felt divine…why didn’t you say so, Master?”

yes, Master wise man, okay, Shen going now. Enjoy…I be back later.”

“Yes, Shen, thank you.”

Her Master’s voice was kind speaking to the older man. The door to the garden closed with a soft squeak, the bamboo slots letting in whiffs of breezes that teased her skin as she stripped. Always so hot here.

She climbed the steps to the top of the tank, then down the ladder to the inky black water. She could stand, her breasts bobbing in the water near her chin. He came to stand in front, where the glass plate let him view her naked body.

There was a whoosh, and more water surged into the tank.

“Ah, Mr. Shen has opened the door to the tank.”

“I can’t feel any of those fish yet.”

He smiled at her, His face blank.

“You will.”

Her eyes widened.


“Oh? Do tell, slut…”

“Something is touching my pussy…”

“Your what?”

“My ….cunt, Sir.”



“OH! It’s…pushing…”

She splashed her hands down into the water,  yet yanked them quickly away. As they came out of the water, he saw that her wrists were wrapped with blue-green tentacles.

“OH MY GOD! Masterrrr.”

A tentacle slid into her mouth, silencing her. Her eyes widened. He could see her breasts, suddenly wrapped in the sinuous arms of her sea-lover, see where the one wrapped around her thigh disappeared into the cleft between her legs. Her body jolted and jerked as she was suddenly filled. He imagined the beast’s twisting limbs curling up inside her belly, via her cunt and ass tunnels. His cock grew hard, painfully hard.

is good, yes, master?”

“Very good, Mr. Shen, very good.”