Yadda blah blah

How was that for an inspirational title eh?

I’ve had a busy crazy weekend, pretty much from the 3rd through today, really. Company and fun and visiting and stuff. Living stuff. You know the errand running, and work, and kids, and yard and and and.

There are a lot of “ands” in my life these days. The teen is working a part-time job for the rest of the summer, the family is doing things and it just seems like every moment is chock full of stuff. I’m not complaining–it’s good to have a busy life, but it’s not always conducive to writing.

Tonight I chose to respond to all your wonderful and fun and sweet comments over the last few days.

Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to what I write, telling me what you liked, how it affects you…these are the sorts of “payments” that authors crave. We sit, we create, then sit back and go “did they like it? was it fun for them? did it create a response? what kind of response?”

That’s what I look for when I’m reading your comments…so if it ooks you out, or turns you on or makes you flush in guilty pleasure? that all goes into my “word bank” and I can build future stories with that sort of information.


I had a…not a fight…but a thing with TW…and called Master crying. When I get super emo, I can’t talk. It’s like all my vocal chords freeze tight and I can’t make words come out. So I squeaked through the phone, and he talked me calm. Eventually I got words out, cried some more, been super-sad, and working towards getting over it. Not like crying helps…so I just need to heal and move on, just like I did when I broke my ankle. I’m really glad He was there to listen, to guide me. He’s so damn good to me, for me.

Speaking of Master, we’re hoping to get some time in early August…our July playtime had to be pushed back because our mutual obligations precluded us having free time on the same weekend. Summer is like that.

Hoping I’ll have some time to write you all some devious delight tomorrow…I’ve been having these dreams….


Until then, be naughty, and for gosh sake…tell me about it!