“u r so sexy”

how would you know? you’ve never seen me.

“I’ve felt you–you’ve touched me…sexy is not about looks, Sir”

a valid point–go on

“u make me feel…make me feel things so intently..the way no one else has”

I am not your first partner

“u r the first one to reach that place in me…i don’t know how to describe it..”

try–and no quoting Yoda back at me

“giggling–Yes Sir! Well…i always felt this–unreachable core. where nothing touched me. my heart? my mind? my ”

“…spirit kept safe in this wee dark place. a big wall around it. you, YOU Sir, got through it.”

by hurting you

“not just that…that’s part of it. but you listen. you catch every word…and find the meaning behind it. NO one”

“listens like a Dom learning his sub.And by listening you connect. with my thoughts and how they intertwine with my”

“feelings, and my body. When I’m feeling horny but don’t know why–YOU do.”

learning a submissive–her responses to all forms of stimuli, what turns her on, what she grapples with–it’s one of the tools that I use, to draw intense reactions from you. I crave that kind of control–and you feed that craving. It’s a symbiotic relationship

“Absolutely truth. I love what you do to me, Sir, to my head, my heart…my body. Even though we’ve not met face to face–the way you play me? I’m”

“like silly putty in your hands…melting at the slightest touch.”

I do enjoy touching you. Your little moans as I danced behind you, pinching your ass as we ground together in the midst of all those people.

“Will you ever let me see you?”

You’ve seen me.

“What? I’ve…seen you? When? How!?”

Around. I see you nearly every day.

“This…makes me wet.”

I know. Lift up your skirt so I can see your wet cunt.

“You’re here? In the grocery store? I’m never gonna finsih my shopping coz I keep txting U…”

fumble fingered in your excitement? Pretty panties. I like pink on you. I like it best when it comes from my hand on your skin.

Come closer….to the meat department, little girl. Sir has some meat just for you…