Fucking Twisted

“You’ve been a good boy,” His wife said, patting him on the head. “You may go play poker at Joe’s house while I go visit your Mother.”

His cum-smeared face broke into a wider grin. If there was one thing he enjoyed, it was permission for poker night. Obviously the multiple orgasms he’d given his Mistress-wife, along with the deep rimming that always sent her over the edge, had done the trick.

Her fingers traced down the welts she’d slapped into his shoulders with her crop as his lips did their magic work between her thighs.

“I love leaving you wearing my marks. Come, let us pick out some pretty panties for you to wear before you go out with your friends. I wonder what they would say if they saw you in your pink lace pants, my pet?”

Her smile was fierce, making his cock twitch uncomfortably in the confines of the steel cage he wore.  The humiliation turned him on, even as he cringed inwardly.  He felt the insistent throb in his balls. He needed to tamp that down quickly. Yet his shaft continued its relentless thickening as she hmmmed her way through his special panty drawer. At long last she passed him a pair of white lacy undies, with a single pink ribbon bow on the front. She clucked at him, flipping a finger under the cage, making him cringe in pain. Her nail scraped along one testicle, drawing a gasp from him.

“Maybe later, slut, after I come home from visiting your Mother. Perhaps I’ll release your poor cock and let you cum. You be a good boy and I’ll be back home tomorrow, mid-morning. We’ll talk about this,” and she wrapped her hand around the steel gate containing his penis, shaking it and making him moan, “upon my return.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

He kissed her breasts, her pussy lips, and her mouth before she pushed him away and headed for the shower. He dressed to the sound of her singing, smiling as she hit a note that might have set a dog to howling. He was tucking his shirt into his jeans as she came out fluffing her hair.

He took her overnight bag down to her car, amazed even after these 15 and more years, at just how well his mother and his wife got along. He thought his mom might pass out if she ever knew of the nest of metal that encircled his privates. But it worked for him. It worked for both of them. Happier than he’d ever been before in his life, he was beyond contentment, and nigh onto sublime bliss at the way their lives had evolved.

In moments, his wife had kissed him goodbye, and was driving away. He stood for a moment waving before heading inside to call Joe.


She pulled into the driveway of her mother-in-law’s home.  At nearly 60, the woman was a powerhouse of energy and drive. It had been daunting to a young bride. But they’d reached a compromise that worked for them both.

Tugging her bag from the backseat, she opened the kitchen door. Putting it on the luggage cart that was always there, she removed her clothing, folding it over her bag, and knelt on the pillow beside the door, hands behind her head, eyes lowered.

She got a funny thrill in her belly when her mother-in-laws sneakers entered her line of sight.

“What a good girl you are. Now come here and greet me properly.”

Crawling across the floor, she buried her face in the musky crotch of her husbands mother.


yes. naughty. twisted. kinky. all of that and I’m sure some of you will come up with more descriptive terms.  sometimes i even amaze myself at what comes into my head at times. 🙂 ~nilla~