quiet ahead….

Hey pervies!

I am still here, life is still good, and I’m super-wicked busy…so it’s going to be a bit quiet around here for the next two weeks…I’ll post when I can, and when I can’t?

Well, isn’t that what archives are for? 🙂


9 thoughts on “quiet ahead….

  1. LOL!

    You know, our lives are running parallel again. If it wasn’t for Sheeple, there would be a whole lot more gaps on my blog. I’m just trying to make some time to catch up and have a few extra stories posted. (stop laughing Nilla!)

    1. hahaha..YOU, ms pervie!

      I’m getting lots done, which is nice. a few yukky chores accomplished. and more to work on. I’m sweaty and getting used to the feeling of things stuck against my skin (isn’t that a lovely picture there…ugh!)…

      Keep your chin up, girlfriend, okay? Make time for you (she orders in her best domme writing… !!)



    1. 🙂 funny girl.

      Mostly just life stuff rather than fun…though I might have a getaway day with the wife and kids next weekend…hoping so!


    1. thanks Tip…it’s hit or miss when I have time to write these days. Got some stuff done for the weekend which was nice…hoping I get more “mojo” when my family is away next week…


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