HNT — Hot Pink

Dontcha love double entendres? It is so fucking hot here in the northeast. Been many hot days in a row, and more to come, unfortunately. And yes, I AM whining about it, thank you very much. I can whine here, this is my space for it. This is the weather I truly dread-I just can’t seem to like the heat.  Pushing through it, doing what needs doing during this oh-so-busy-week…but definitely NOT enjoying it.

Which gets me to thinking….

Wonder if I’ll come back here and look with longing at this pic when it’s midwinter?  Frankly? I kinda doubt it…I don’t mind the cold all that much, for me it is more about the drabness of winter,  the lack of color. With two fine young men at my disposal I barely even need to shovel anymore. 🙂

Whatever your weather, it’s *always* hawt on HNT here!