Smokin’ Hawt



She could not believe it. The fucking key had slipped out of her hands. But could it just fall to the floor between her feet? Could it even tumble from her fingers to the netherworlds under her bed? No, no the fucking thing had to bounce off her toe, and tumble into the heating vent grate. The one bolted to the floor with tamper-proof nuts. She’d been trying to get into that fucking grate for two years to get it vacuumed out– with no success. And now her fucking key was down there.

Wriggling her wrists, she sought to loosen the tight grip of the steel cuffs. Even knowing that she wasn’t going to get out of them, she tried.

And tried.

The chain she’d looped through the cuffs held the vibe snugly in her pussy. It looped around her throat, around her waist, and back to her wrists, giving her a very small trajectory of movement.

She was so fucked.

So embarrassed.

And the vibe hummed on.

She was overstimulated, which was why she tried to unlock herself early. Originally she’d planned to try to cum 7 times. Lucky 7. She’d only made it to 3 before the pressure, constant and demanding, had become too much. Even now she could feel the clenching in her lower belly, like a persistent ache that couldn’t be denied.


Doubled over on the bed, she came again, harder than ever before. The splash of liquid on her thighs alarmed her…had she…hurt herself? Weak, spent, she peered down her legs. Nothing but clear fluid—oh great. Now, of all times, she finally had the squirt happen?

Torn between awe and fretfulness, she pushed up off the bed. Who the fuck could she call?

No. noooooo. And yet, what other choice did she have? She picked up the phone and speed dialed her friend.

“Geena? Didn’t you say you had a friend who was a fireman in his non-dom life? Yes? Well, um…I was…well..I have a wee problem and I think I need help. No. No you can’t come over and help me. No. But if I could have his number? Or maybe you could call him and have him call me? Okay, that’d be great. Thanks. Um. No. I’ll tell you later. Maybe. Bye.”

She disconnected, just as another orgasmic wave passed through her. Bending too much pushed the fucking thing deeper, extending the deep-rooted tremors. Again the rushing gush of fluid, again the waves of intense pleasure, nearly debilitating.

Slowly she moved to the front door, unlocking it, before moving back to her bedroom. Dressing was out of the question. Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone. The readout showed an unfamiliar number.


“Is this Geena’s friend, Melody?”

“Yes…are you…” her voice dropped, always so nervous talking to a real dominant. “…the fireman who is also a dom?”

“I am. Are you in trouble?”

“Yes…not life threatening…but…well…the thing is…” Oh, the mortification. He didn’t interject or urge her along either.

“i dropped the key and I can’t get it off…”

“Tell me where you are. I’ll bring my bolt cutters.”

He disconnected right after she recited her address. ‘Abrupt,” she thought to herself. In what felt like seconds, there was a knock on the front door, the sound of it opening.


The voice was deeper in person.

“In here..” she called. The orgasm blasted through her just as he came to her bedroom door. Her knees revolted as she trembled and quaked through another orgasmic spasm. They were coming faster, harder, wetter. She wondered if one could die from over-orgasmic bliss.

She hadn’t even realized that she’d gone down, that he had scooped her up and laid her on the bed.

“Quite a pretty mess here, girl.”

His eyes moved with heated intensity over her body. They may have paused for a moment on her breasts, her engorged nipples, her swollen pussy. Or maybe it was her imagination.

“Your dom left you here like this? I want to have a conversation with the fucker who leaves a slut alone, chained up like this…”

“no..” she gasped, as the familiar tugs in her cunt came again…”play…solo…no….dom…ohgawdddddd….”


When she roused again, she was free. The pressure in her pussy was gone, her arms were freed from the chains, the cuffs. The vent was open, moved to the side, the hole open and full of dust. Funny that in her lazy state that she noted that strange fact. Funny too that she was laying there, considering if she should get her vacuum to attend to that.

As she made to sit up, a hand slapped between her breasts, pushing her back. Another hand held a glass of water, proffering it to her.


That was not an offer, but an order. She drank. Her eyes lifted to meet his,  which were crinkled in amusement.

“Gave yourself a hell of a scare, eh girl?”

Solemnly she nodded, drinking the water slowly. She checked him out, trying to be subtle. Gosh he was sexy. One hot fireman. One hot fireman who was also a dom. His words interrupted her fantasy of him flipping her over and spanking her for her misdeeds. And fucking her. From behind. Like dogs. Like a wanton whore.

“I wasn’t looking for a new sub. However, I think we need to have a long, long conversation about solo play…and about not playing solo anymore.”

She blinked, coming out of her haze. She’d been well and truly rescued…out of the frying pan…and now, perhaps, leaping right into the fireman.



guess my libido isn’t dead after all…read a bunch of blogs and some news stories…and they all coalesced into this. 🙂 ~nilla~