had the best BEST idea for a story…

forgot it.

Yeah. That’s why I keep my phone next to my bed, so I can text the idea to myself. Usually a few garbled words–and when I see it, it jumps right back into my head.

But…I was cradling my bruises. And woken up by police outside my house (who were talking to my neighbor…but isn’t just a wee bit disturbing to have 3 cruisers, lights shooting blue rays of light into the darkness of your driveway, home, backyard, bedrooms, at midnight?)

Yeah. So I didn’t text it.

And I’m drawing a blank.

Am trying to sort out something…not an issue…not a problem, but an unexpected event. Master and I have been talking about it..well, I’m processing it, He’s listening and sending me key insights. He’s a good listener. And really really REALLY smart, Mr. Ivy League.  His insights on people are spot-on.

Coz I really drew a blank on how to handle this.

He is so good for me.

And now I need to go text Him my goodnight, and get my tired old ass to bed.

And I promise that, if I’m again in that half-aware state where a story pops in…?

I’ll text myself.

So you won’t come here in the morning to read, and only find nilla drawing a blank.