had the best BEST idea for a story…

forgot it.

Yeah. That’s why I keep my phone next to my bed, so I can text the idea to myself. Usually a few garbled words–and when I see it, it jumps right back into my head.

But…I was cradling my bruises. And woken up by police outside my house (who were talking to my neighbor…but isn’t just a wee bit disturbing to have 3 cruisers, lights shooting blue rays of light into the darkness of your driveway, home, backyard, bedrooms, at midnight?)

Yeah. So I didn’t text it.

And I’m drawing a blank.

Am trying to sort out something…not an issue…not a problem, but an unexpected event. Master and I have been talking about it..well, I’m processing it, He’s listening and sending me key insights. He’s a good listener. And really really REALLY smart, Mr. Ivy League. ย His insights on people are spot-on.

Coz I really drew a blank on how to handle this.

He is so good for me.

And now I need to go text Him my goodnight, and get my tired old ass to bed.

And I promise that, if I’m again in that half-aware state where a story pops in…?

I’ll text myself.

So you won’t come here in the morning to read, and only find nilla drawing a blank.


9 thoughts on “*Blank*

  1. Been there, done that. Must be a byproduct of being too hot and too tired. I’m hoping to do some writing tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ If… if Dear Wolf doesn’t find something else to do with my time. (and just get your mind out of the gutter… THAT ain’t happening until at least Saturday.)

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚

      My mind likes the gutter, thank you.



      Saturday? Saturday?


      You’re SCHEDULING your sex dates?

      (good plan)


      1. My mind has a second home in the gutter.
        Yes, we’ve been scheduling play dates. Work and family commitments have been driving us crazy, and unless we ‘put our foot down’, nothing happens. All work and no play makes for a cranky Wytch and a growling, grumpy, gonna go find a fight Wolf.

    1. hahaha!

      nilla is DEFINITELY not superhuman!!! I send myself texts (usually about story ideas, but not always…) all the time. And I am not sure I could live without a white board (I call it my wall-mounted brain!)


  2. Let us think about this for a second. O, yea. I am sure it was about going up to camp this fall, when Tip has the camp all alone except this sex crazy woman from down south who wants to have Tip have his way with her. Watch the gold watch swinging back and forth nilla, concentrate. When I snap my fingers you will wake up. Tip

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