Just One More

“ask for it”

“pplease Sir…jjust one mmore”

“well, if you insist”


“love to see your nipple stretched out like that, pretty slut”

*sound of short panting breath*

“ask for it”


“ask for it”




“Yes Sir…j-j-ust…one….”

”         ”


“more. Please Sir”

“Greedy cunt. Wants more than one eh? Ah well, I’m in a generous mood. I’ll give you two more weights. But that’s enough for now.”

“thank you Sir…”

“Unless, of course, you ask for more?”


“To please me, of course”



20 thoughts on “Just One More

    1. just some one?

      you should try it.

      You really, really should.

      it hurts so goood (and the orgasms are spectacular)


    1. 🙂


      (this is something Master says to me when I’ve exasperated him ===he’ll hang 3 pound weights off my nipples if I don’t cut it the fuck out (whatever “it ” is at the time)

      ergo, the birth of a tale. 🙂


  1. Don’t they just love having you ask…and thank…for what you are not sure you want..at that moment anyway. You have such a knack of capturing the moments!
    hugs abby

    1. that is the dread and joy of this thing we pervies do, isn’t it? Them making us ask for what we don’t…and yet do…want…


  2. OHMY~! I’ve been there.. asking, begging for what I wanted/didn’t want..soo very hard to do. And so very hot!!

  3. Makes you beg for it, you want it so bad…
    Then makes you beg for it to stop….
    Then you beg him to not make you want the next worse thing, because you know he can….
    Sadists, sheesh. They all seem to have it in common. ;D

  4. I’m not leaving until there is a picture………..still waiting……..OK I will just keep checking back for it. Tip

      1. Hey Sir B, need a little help her with your slut. We need pictures man, need them sooner than maybe some day!! Tip

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