You all will miss me while I’m gone, right? 🙂

That sounds like a shameless plea for attention…it isn’t, really!

I’m only gone two, three days tops. Getting in a wee bit of family time, which I’m looking forward to. A crazy August is getting ready to unfold, and there may be some Master time in there (He is being non-committal. I hate when He does that. He knows I hate when He does that. That pleases Him. Perverse sadist!

I’ll be back early next week…sally forth and be naughty!





An O in the Bank

It was there, in the bank.

His bank.

The O I didn’t take last week when it was tooooo fucking hot to even think of touching in a way to increase my hotness.

My O this Tuesday was niiicccee…oh it was realllly nice. So nice that I asked to withdraw the O in His bank for Wednesday night.

He graciously said yes. 🙂 He’s so good to me. (yeah, I’m spoiled. Your point?)

And with my family away? I’m staying up super late. At 1130 I finally headed upstairs, and remember the O. I see you there. You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you?

What can I say? I did a ton of stuff Wednesday, it was an UBER stress-out day–and by the end of it, sitting here on my computer and watching tv was the nice thing to unwind.  And I got so engaged that I forgot.

Bite me.

Okay, enough rudie tootie.

So, there I am laying in bed at 1145 not really thinking, you know? That at 12:00:01 is the start of Fucking ZNN.

That’s Zero touching. Nada. Nyet.

The No Orgasm zone.

And there I was, gently pounding the pussy. So it dawns on me slowly that it was Wednesday. 


Oh Fuck.

That meant it was very nearly Thursday.

The hand propelling the vibe got slower.

And slower.

And …


Reluctantly, I reached for my phone.

12:24 a.m.


Oh no.

No. No. No. No.

I look again.


I put the vibe away. Put the dildo away. Lay there, wet, wanton, panting a bit.

Leaking a bit.

Steaming a bit.

I was pretty fucking turned on.

And denied by my obligation, my honesty to Him.


Of course I told Him about it. I wrote the entire tale (knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that He would be tickled pink that I stopped mid-masturbation, tossing and turning until I finally fell asleep, unfulfilled. 

This is His response:

That would be a partially used O in the bank Nilla – which means some of the interest on the deposit has already been spent. Therefore, you have less remaining than you think – more specifically, when you withdrawal this deposit again, you must consume it within 4 minutes, 44 seconds – or it expires. Thank you Nilla – I just absolutely love your fuck-ups.

Methinks that this is going to be a very interesting withdrawal (with the potential of epic fail written all over it.)

Four minutes and 44 seconds?

What a fucking sadist.