Didn’t take much to “fix” me.

A conversation with Master…brief… but gosh He knows exactly what buttons to push to get me back “on”…

And I was giggling, and we had some sexual repartee and…yeah. I’m better. 😀

Now just shoot me some blue bubbles on Thursday (job) and for Sunday (playtime with Master? Maybe?) and I’ll be roaring back. 🙂

un-Kink-ed ?


i am a very tired girl these days. had a busy vanilla weekend, and virtually no Master time (like 2 or 3 texts, a 10 minute phone call).

I am feeling…very vanilla.

Very kink-less.

Kinked out?

It’s an odd feeling. Maybe once the tired is gone I’ll feel more like nilla again. But for today, at least, I’m feeling way more “vanilla” than any other kind of thing.