The Package (2)

He’d flitted around her head while she made a dinner that she barely tasted. She wondered several times if she was actually asleep, if she’d wake up and discover it was some delightfully fucked-up dream state because of all the hours she’d spent working on the Emerson account. She’d been borrowing against her “sleep account” for two weeks now. It had to be that she was simply suffering from extreme exhaustion.

As she turned off the light, hours earlier than normal, she looked at the glass dragon, once more wrapped around the goblet. She’d brought the thing in here where she could look at it. Maybe it had been a fantasy. At just that moment, he winked at her. She sighed and rolled over. Damned if she didn’t hear a deep chuckle from the beast.

She was definitely still awake.

Tossing and turning, she knew that an orgasm would send her over the edge into sleep. Between the creature that Fee had sent her, and the impending meeting with Drake Emerson, she needed the boost. Reaching into her nightstand drawer, she took out her glass dildo, and slid it under the covers.  Playing the cool head up and down her pussy lips, pressing it against her clit, she sighed softly, legs twitching and spreading. She teased her cunt with the toy, popping the fat head in and out, never giving herself quite what her pussy was wanting.

“Why do you do that?”

She jumped, the dildo jolted out of her hand, lost in the rumple of covers. How could she have forgotten that the frigging dragon was there. She flushed with embarrassment. HOW was she going to describe masturbation to a crystal creature?

“It’s called…”

“I know what it’s called. Why are you self-pleasuring? There are other options you know.”

“Well, do YOU see anyone else here? It’s my hand or nothing, dragon.”

She felt him pacing down her leg through the covers, then back up until he was standing between her breasts, muzzle looking down into her face. He hadn’t seemed to be that big when he was wrapped around the goblet.  She could barely make out his tail in the darkness of her bedroom, twisting sinuously back and forth. There was a glint here, a gleam there. A whiff of breath snorted out his snout, the faint sulphur tang making her nose wrinkle.

“You are not alone.”

Surely he wasn’t implying what she hoped he wasn’t implying.


“Roll onto your belly, tuck your knees underneath.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Of course you can.”

His tone grew silky, and she felt herself compelled to roll, tucking her knees, lifting her bottom. The sheet fell away, and she felt him walking down her spine. He felt…heavier. She tried to move, but the thought fell away before she could put actions in motion. She felt heat. And something thick probing between her pussy lips.

“You are very well put together.”

His voice, always surprisingly deep, sent shivers down her neck. The hot tickle of his breath there added to the sensations. Something slipped inside her, filling her. Her gasp was mirrored by a deep-voiced grunt.

The creature was fucking her.


She awoke on her belly. She never slept on her belly. Yet there she was, one hand outstretched as if seeking something, legs open,  a bit of drool on her chin…and something wetter between her thighs.

Her pussy throbbed.

Moaning with the echoes of pleasure, she rolled onto her back. That had to have been the best masturbation session she’d performed on herself, ever. She remembered the puckering of nipples, the tingles, the sensations, the feeling of no control over the waves of pleasure as they washed over her, through her. That peculiar sensation as a full-body orgasm contracted every cell before it exploded in sensory overload. She smiled into the darkness.

Something cool rubbed against her open palm.

“You are not alone.”

It all flooded back, then. The absolutely riotous sensations as he had pounded into her –heat,  and yet cool; hard and silky soft. How he could be these contradictory things puzzled her. He was a glass dragon. And then there was his cock–she would surely have noticed a dong as large as what had spread her, speared her –how the hell could he fly with something that huge between his legs, she wondered.


He sent a laugh, and a puff of smoke her way.

Great. She had been fucked by a glass dragon that smoked after sex.



8 thoughts on “The Package (2)

  1. MMMN, I can literally see it (hehehehe). Oh don’t you love magical glass dragons? Yum!!!!!!


  2. Mrs. Tip is getting a dragon for her birthday. Of course I need to read more, to make sure I get her the correct type and all. Tip

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