Master’s Response

So remember I told you I had a mini rant earlier this week? That I sent Master a succinct series of 8 or 9 texts outlining my outrage?

And that we made up?

Yeah–we did…and things are good (He rarely gets “mad”–and we worked through it logically)

And then He sent me this:

Seriously. Go and watch it. It’s funny, and a wee bit snarky and it made me squirm a bit.

He wrote: boy did they have you in mind when they made this…

Score one for the Man.

8 thoughts on “Master’s Response

  1. Snort! I was listening to the video with Wolf in the background. He laughed. He KNEW it was your blog. He snickered and I had to read him the two posts that went with this post. Then he laughed some more.

    1. He still teases me with that. “Your nail is showing, nilla”…(to which I respond petulantly…its NOT ABOUT THE NAIL” which makes us both laugh like loons!)


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