Rambly Thoughts

I was going to do this bullet style…but that just feels to business-like to me. I much prefer to write to you all like we’re friends sitting down for tea and double-stuffed Oreo’s, don’t you?

So my weeks are jammed for then next two weeks, working 7 days a week as I work through my notice at my old job, and do my NEW job on Sunday’s. That leaves me very little time, what with all the “social” things going on–August is a big month for family around here, lots of birthdays and my youngest sibling got married this week and–it’s just been chock-full of good stuff, this summer.

I’m happy. My head is in a good place. Isn’t that nice? Although I wish I had more time with Master; we’ve not had playtime all summer. I’m craving Him.

I’m so desperately behind on commenting on comments—something that I’ve been proud to keep up with since I started my blog almost 4 years ago (yes, my anniversary here is at the very end of August)–there just isn’t time in my day currently. Please know that I value each of your comments, and I’m hoping that I’ll have a few minutes this week, actually, to begin answering them. The oldest of them first? or not to do them, knowing you all understand, and just work on the most recent ones. If I do that, and I don’t comment to you and it was your first time here? That smacks of exclusivity to me and I hate the thought of that. So don’t be surprised if you get a response from me from a really old comment you made to me 3 weeks ago. (I hope I’m only behind 3 weeks. Egads.)

The point here?

I value YOUR time and energy in writing to me. Ergo? I respond back. Thanks for understanding that I’ve not done that this time…I could say I’m in a time warp… hahaha!

Did get to see the Man a wee bit Saturday night. A quick session at Starbucks, talking and sharing before heading our separate ways. I was *wiped out* from 10.5 hours on my feet at work, moving stiffly after sitting. He was frowny about it…”what’s wrong?”  “just stiff Master, I’ve been on my feet all day…” “don’t they have those anti-fatigue mats?” “Yes, in one spot…but I don’t stay in that one spot, Master–I’m all over the place…”  He shakes Head, frowning. “Well, that’s almost done, then,” He says. Yeah…and my feet are very glad about that!

We also talked about my hair. I had been toying with the idea of getting a shoulder-length cut (about a foot of hair)…which He quickly said “no fucking way” to. He allowed an inch, two at the most if I need it for maintenance.

Later, by text I thanked Him. I regretted the last time I cut it. It made Him sad, and I felt weird with shorter hair. It’s taken a year to grow most of it back.

“It’s long enough now that I can wrap a fist-full of hair around my hand fully. I like that.”

Hmmmmmm…me too, Master. That send warm shivers all through me, reading that.

I’m glad you all liked my fireman tale this weekend, and Master’s little “commentary” as well. 🙂 Thanks for the delightful comments!

I’ve not forgotten about our little dragon either. Hoping to have some Monday writing time mid-afternoon…that will be lovely…

Until then? Have a terrific Monday… and remember…if all else fails? Masturbate!

One last thought?

Football’s back!



11 thoughts on “Rambly Thoughts

  1. I’m having my girl grow her hair out, won’t let her cut it either. Like to have something I can hold on to, not to mention she looks MUCH better with longer hair. I can understand your Masters unwillingness to let you cut it.

  2. Wolf is the ONLY one who cuts my hair. Benefits of living with him. 🙂
    As for the busy life… yah. Oh yah. Our vacation is coming up in about 18 days and I’m busy trying to get ready for it plus all the mundane bits of life. It’s been crazy. Oh, and the girl goes back to college in a week. Aieeeya!

    ps.. Wolf is still giggling about the video.

    1. yeah…vacation, and hair cuts and oh my! I’m just as glad he said no…I’d SO regret it (it’s been nice this last week…i am suddenly liking my long hair again!)

      happy vacation!


  3. Oh if my hair were straight instead of this kinky curly afro wavy thing. I look much better with long hair but once it hits a certain length the only thing I can feasibly do with it is pull it back in a ponytail or a bun.. sighs. My husband loves it long so I try to keep it at least a little past shoulder length when it is wet. Because once it dries it pulls up with the waves and curls.. and frizzies

    1. have you tried a treatment oil when it’s wet? It might keep the kinks as waves. And yanno…my hair is bone straight if i dry it…but if I leave it now? It dries in these long twisted curls…amazing how our hair changes as we age!


  4. I have not cut mine since Master’s deployment so 8 1/2 months now and it is down past 1/2 my back and is now longer than since I was about 9 years old. He can’t shave or get his hair cut while over there and so I thought I would grow my hair as well. It might be down to my waist by the time he comes home! I get so many comments on how long it is because frankly I am a “shoulder length” kinda girl. But not anymore. Piggy Tails RULE 🙂

    And I took your advise on what to do on this Monday. THANKS for the “order”!


    1. Good for you! its amazing how fast it grows when we’re not paying attention! Mine seems to pause…then grow in a big spurt! And I do still do mine in pigtail braids, which He seems to very much enjoy!


      ps…i gave you an order? I did? I forget…do remind me!

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