15 minutes

in 15 minutes

I’ll have you melted

into a soft wet puddle on the floor.

it will happen that fast–I know what buttons to push, you see. I know what it does to you when I grab your nipples like this…yesss…and twist them just like this.

your knees wobble a bit, your eyes open wide, as does your hungry mouth. those noises…so sexy…grunts…moans…whimpers…the sound of an animal. no words, no cohesive thought…just the guttural sounds of pain.

the pleasure is there too. I can smell it, rising from between your legs. your cunt is dewy with it, slippery and slick with wanting. you want something more, I know, more than the torment I visit upon your nipples.

those pearls are hard now, little pebbles between my thumb and forefinger. I love how they feel when I roll them this way. nubbins with a firmness that I like to squash–just to hear those noises from you.

in 15 minutes, how many orgasms will you have from the pain you suffer for me? when I grab your titties this way, my entire hand crushing them in my grip, my knuckles white, while I leave deep red impressions on your soft skin?

it makes me hard.

watching those marks bloom across your flesh, knowing that I am the one who painted them on there…knowing that you desire to be hurt as much as I desire to hurt you. lean into me…let me smell your fear and curiosity.

so fucking sexy.

your tits are hot against my chest, but my hands seek a new target. your ass is full and succulent, a perfect canvas for my next work. my cock is pressing hard against my jeans. my belt slips from the loops, folds over my hand, and lashes that softness, as you lean against me.

a fistful of hair moves you to where I need you to go…over the edge of my chair here, don’t fucking move.

the jolt of your body as my belt slaps your ass feeds a hunger in me. more…take more of this, sweet cunty whore. your ass turns red in stripes…my eyes dance over the hot marks. I did this. I lashed you, my slut. the silver tracking down your inner thigh is almost my undoing…you cunt! you seek to distract me here?

my hands sting as I slap your bottom; I hear the familiar whimper as you cum, watch your body tremble with the effects of your orgasm, smell the succulent scent rising from you. Β a puddle forms as liquid slips from you.

in 15 minutes, there will be a bigger mess on the floor between your thighs, as I fuck you brainless, and cum deep inside your belly.

I will enjoy the view when you lap it up.

24 thoughts on “15 minutes

      1. things are finally settling a bit. This weekend was the last of the ginormous obligations. Ten days til vacation…and we’ll see how much of a panic that creates in me! I have much to do…


  1. WHEW~!
    There are times then 15 minutes seems like no time at all.. way too short.
    Then.. your post makes it so very obvious that 15 minutes can be exactly just what is needed.
    Yummy post.. TYVM!

    1. so glad that 15 minutes will do ya…and of course…45 or longer is always better. more exhausting…but always better.


  2. Acck.. tomorrow would be perfect opportunity for BIKSS to give me my 15 mins. Except I’m out of commission don’t there. Now I gotta wait till Friday at least!

    1. out of commission down there? do explain! And hey…it’s FRIDAY! time for those “15 minutes”!!

      ps..hope your hoohaw is back in fine shape!

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