A Cup of Sugar

Hi Pervie Peeps!  The last day of work at my “old” job is now a memory. The gals I work with threw me a surprise goodbye party, which was lovely!! Nothing beats chocolate cake for lunch. 🙂 I am a happy, happy woman. One more HUGE event to go and suddenly my life opens up again. I’m busy with my little business, but that’s all to the good.

I managed to  ‘squeeze’ in some time with Master after work. It was so good to see/touch/taste Him. Kisses and tongue at Starbucks. (nom nom nom) He smells so damned good. I could smell His scent on me while I was driving home, which made me smile. 

And as to this sordid little tale?

I’d thought I’d finished this story last week and set it to publish on Saturday, but alas, didn’t. I hope you enjoy this little nugget of sexy badness.  ~nilla~

She wondered if she had known, somewhere in that animal part of her brain. And if, by that knowing, was how she had wound up here, tied to a wall in a soundproof room. Had it been his eyes, calling forth secrets she’d left buried as unfulfillable? Had it been in that mysterious half-smile he’d flashed at her whenever she’d greeted him from across her driveway?

The whip slashed across her ass and her body tensed, the shriek mostly contained behind the hard rubber ball lodged behind her teeth. The gag was tight, the metal edges biting into the sides of her tender lips. Her fingers drew into claws, scratching at the rough wall, tugging at the restraints that bound her against the cold concrete. Her nipples rubbed against that raw surface, rising into hard pebbles.

There was a scraping behind her, a footstep, then a hand, probing between her open thighs.

“Wet. As I imagined.”

Her eyes closed in humiliation. To her shame, she could feel the thick pulsing of her clit. It wasn’t her fault that those stories turned her on. That she read those blogs late at night and fantasized. She would NEVER have the courage to go to one of those clubs, or go dom searching or go on a date to see if the fantasy was like the reality, if the reality would really make her feel the way she did as she pored over the words, wetting her panties day after day.

A quick snap made her gasp, but the blow was in the air, and not on her body.

“Sugar.” His voice was amused. Softer now, his voice barely above a husky whisper. “Do you have a cup of sugar?” The laugh bordered on cruel. “Do you have a cup of sugar?”

Something different struck her hip. Maybe it was a cane. Or a crop. There was no way to know–she’d never felt the kiss of either, and these were taunting blows. She shivered as his lips brushed her ear.

“So innocent…..not. No, that was definitely the most…insincere query I’ve ever heard! I’ve been asked for many things, but sugar has never been one of them. Such a naughty girl. Reading all those dirty things on the internet, and turning your computer so that I could easily see through your bedroom window. You know I’ve been watching you, you know that you’ve been inviting me for weeks. And yet, you come here for sugar.” 

He tut-tut-ed her, his tongue making loud pops of sound behind her, as his hand reached around and pinched her aching nipples. Desire rose as hard and fast as denial.

“But I needed sugar,” she thought, the words rising, but unable to pass the gag to explain to him. She needed to make cookies for the office party. Casey would be leaving tomorrow and she’d promised to bake those coconut cookies everyone adored. She had forgotten that she was out of sugar–living alone, she rarely baked except for the holidays. It was just one–.

Another slap, this one definitely meant business, and all rational thought fled. She arched again, pressing into the wall as if trying to meld her way through it.

So brutal.

So cruel.

So exciting.

One cup of sugar? Perhaps not. But certainly an abundance of ‘honey’.

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