Sexual Dreaming

Your mouth

on my flesh

biting until I scream and squirm and try to get away

then kissing



upon the flesh You have just ravaged.

Your hands,

squeezing, pinching, pulling, poking

grabbing and moving me here–thenthere–right there and don’t youfuckingmove,cunt

the heady tripping of my heart ratcheting up in nervous bliss

the catapulting into subspace

as the pain dial is turned up

and up

and I wonder…

how did I ever live



without this….

without You



10 thoughts on “Sexual Dreaming

  1. The way I like to bite – maybe your shoulder, maybe your neck, maybe your ass; and if it’s our ass, I’ll bite especially hard because it lifts off the bed, it’s female, it stinks like pussy, a gorgeous and submissive stink, and its roundness is meant for cock. And I’ll bite you until your giggle turns into a whine, until your whine turns into mewl, until your mewling turns into a pant, until your fingers dig into the edge of the mattress, until your thighs open, until your toes point and your sweet belly, your little tuft of pussy, lifts ass-up off the sheet like a good cunt. And then I’ll stop biting, Then I’ll mount you. Do you like reading that? I’ll mount you. I’ll hold your beautiful long hair and sink my cock into the obscene stink of your womanliness. And then – with my other hand – I’ll press my thumb into that red, angry, puffy, bite mark on your ass; and that mewling, that panting, that beautiful, girly, gyration of your hips and ass will begin again; only this time, my cock is stuck in all of that, in the middle, fucking from behind all that girliness, that hip-iness, that ass-iness; primed to pump my own shout, my ‘Fuck!’ into your twat — your messy and pleading twat; and all I have to do is violate that vicious little bite until you – scream – that dirty, beautiful – scream.

  2. nilla,
    I love this, blame Will for my presence. 😀
    I’ve read a little of what you write, I’m impressed. 😉

    1. Thank you Paul…nice to have you visit, and thanks for the compliment. And thanks to Will for sending you my way. 🙂


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