Tugged Into the Dark Side

I’ve said it before…we fall into a state of “normalcy” –or I do– in texts, even in our brief face times. Such was the case on Saturday evening when we hung at Starbucks for a few minutes before I had to continue my errands for my gathering the next day. We talk and flirt, and He…well…He gets this “face thing”…His eyes sharpen, His mouth smiles…and the Dom is just *there*. He’d say that “the Dom” is always there…and it’s truly part and parcel of who He is. But sometimes we slip into vanilla and …I dunno. I forget? Because I always shiver a bit with joy/nerves when the Dom face appears.

He tickles me as I buckle myself into my car, pinching and bruising me in a non-visible spot…my underarm. Yes. I have a quarter-sized bruise in my armpit! The things He can do. And of course I’m so wet by the time I get home, I’m glad I have dark jeans on.

And then there was today. Monday. A less-busy day, my week is easing up…and I send a pleading text for an O for tonight.

“No, you need to rest up–you’ll get your O…tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to take away the thrill of that O by giving you one tonight.”

I sent something smart-assed back.  Something to the effect of “oh, that wouldn’t take away the appeal of Tuesday’s O, it would *enhance* it.”

His text reply is *immediate*…a rare thing.

“Not for Me it won’t. And don’t forget, little girl, it’s all about ME.”

*swallows hard*

Just *writing* that makes me shiver. Makes me wet. Turns me the fuck on. It IS all about Him. He’s the Dom today, tomorrow, yesterday. He calls the shots.

And He damn well knows that throwing those sort of remarks at me are incendiary, turning me inside out with wanton need. He does it on PURPOSE, knowing that I get excited about the denial…even though I really WANT an O, crave an O…the fact that He controls it all is thrilling and exciting.

Which isn’t to say that if He gave me a week of O’s that I wouldn’t be thrilled too, don’t get me wrong here…I LOVE orgasms. But that quirky twist inside of me that gets so stirred up by Him, then gets denied by Him–well, it’s part of what makes me, me….a damned horny submissive, who will obey (again) her Master’s wishes…no O…and doubly turned on because of it.   And He’s done it again, you see. One little text, pulling me back to the dark side, reminding me that while we may talk of ‘normal’ things…that neither of us is really vanilla…it’s a dollop in our make up, really. The darkness is more than just swirled in me now; I’m an addict and He is my drug.

(and OMG Tuesday is a full fucking moon. Watch for explosions in the northeast, for the moon and sun to change orbital paths, and earth to tilt a little more to the east….)


10 thoughts on “Tugged Into the Dark Side

    1. hee! It could have happened…it was that intense and wonderful. 🙂

      Maybe I just reversed global warming? 🙂


    1. hahaha…that made me chuckle when I read it. I hope you were inside and tucked safely in bed at 1130 pm. 🙂


    1. did you see them? It was a *spectacular* orgasm…so intense I actually passed out for a bit. You know…the best kind!

      (other than being with Him, that is!)


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