Bad Girl

this got darker with every revision…maybe you shouldn’t eat while reading it. It’s short but sometimes I even gross myself out. Even while I’m turning us all on… 🙂  ~nilla~



“No. No more. I’m tired of it.”

“I just…”

“That’s the entirety of your issue.”


“I. I this…I that…Frankly, slut, *I* don’t give a damn.”


“No. No more buts either. You’ve become very ego-centric. This is not a good slut scenario, when YOU come before me. When it’s all about you? We’re out of balance.”

“Wait! What are you…oh..oh gawd…Sir…that’s…oh…mflfhlf…”

“An apple a day keeps the sluts mouth shut. You wanted fruit salad. My fruit salad. I’m going to make you fruit salad.”


“Banana’s. I usually like them on my cereal…but this will work.”


“I know, it’s a big one isn’t it? Don’t lose that apple now. Well, actually you can’t, can you, with that strip of duct tape over it. That was pretty smart of me, eh? Yes, good girl. Nod. Yes. Now, let’s see.  I think I’m out of good fruit, since you ate it all….but you know what I thought of? No? You can add fruit to a regular salad and it adds to the flavor. So…speaking of ‘buts’…you’re in for a surprise, slut!”


“I can’t make out what you’re saying…you like being fucked by a banana? I have another one in the freezer if you get too hot. Those are the only two things I could find…you really did eat up all the fruit. Later I’ll take that frozen banana and give your cunt a nice cold fruit fuck.”

“IN the mean time, I had to do a quick change…you know…since we’re out of fruit and all. But what did I discover while rummaging in the fridge? Why, I found this Italian cucumber. They get so big, don’t they? Why, I’m guessing I’ll only get half of it up your ass…but we won’t have to worry about it getting lost up there, since it’s so very long…my goodness, my greedy little whore…you’re eyes are so big just now.  hahahaha…Well, let me unwrap this sucker. Er…fucker. You won’t be sucking on it. Yet.”


“You know what they say, slut. First in the butt, then bon appetite for you!”


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