HNT ~ Camping

We have a semi-Long Distance Relationship (LDR). It’s only 40 miles, but it is enough that we don’t see each other daily–sometimes managing a weekly face-time is difficult. So when one or the other of us is further away, such as He going to His alma mater events, or my going on vacation…it shouldn’t make any difference, right? It’s only more mileage between us…we can still text, and maybe sneak in a brief call…


But for some reason, my heart doesn’t buy that theory, at all. A distance of 100 miles added to our normal 40 feels like a continental divide.

I miss Him.

It’s silly, perhaps. But aren’t most matters of the heart and body kind of silly at the root of it?

Anyway…to cheer myself up I decided to send Him morning and evening boobage shots while I was camping. The shots were sexy, and sometimes rustic. Fun, naughty, flirty.

He loves boobs. Not just mine…but all boobs. He is truly a tit guy. He was quite taken with this particular shot, however and *ordered* it for this weeks HNT.

He doesn’t do that all the time, so I know it had impact. Camping boobage. Who knew, right?