“An O on Friday night? Are you fucking nuts?”

“But Master, You used to let me have orgasms on Friday night…remember?”

“Well, yeah, but that was back when you were a new little slut. You’ve moved way beyond that now, nilla. You’re all grown up now slut…and just don’t need that sort of coddling.”


“See? I knew you’d agree.”

Damn Him. I do.


btw…nominations for the top 100 sex bloggers of 2013 has opened. Go visit Rori at Between My Sheets if you feel like nominating some random sex blog…(was that hint broad enough, LOL?!)…~nilla~


13 thoughts on “Masterrrrr….(sheesh)

    1. hahahaha! I get bored so easily…and I hadn’t changed it in a long while. Glad to wake you up. hahaha!

      And yes. they are NEVER at a loss for words (especially “no”…dang them!)


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