*insert sound of crickets here*

So, last night, remember Him telling me I’d not get an O on a Friday night?

Yeah. Bastard. And me, a horny wench. (Actually, it’s good to have my ‘horny’ back…I’ve been a bit on the wane there, being so tired, busy and full of vanilla.)

He went on to say that maybe He’d be inclined to *consider* an O for me on Saturday.  Hope leapt to my breast…maybemaybemaybe!

I slept well, and long on Saturday. Gosh that is such a blessing, to sleep until 7 a.m.! To not waken with the alarm clock, but with the natural rhythm of my body. This being my own boss thing is da bomb, baby!! And as I’m getting dressed for the day, I take note of my throbbing cunt. How wet it is. How needy. How delightful that I might get to cum later tonight!

I am driving home from the jobsite around noon when I call Him. I know it will be brief as He has a bunch of things going on, and I can’t resist telling Him how very horny I am, how wet I was when I woke up this morning, how very throbby I am even now after working hard for 3 hours….and He interrupts my little soliloquies.

“You know, nilla, that it gets ever less likely that you’ll get an O when you tell Me things like that.”

It sort of hangs there for a moment, and I feel my belly tighten…the silky threat in His voice, the amused tone of it.


He rolls right over me trying to stutter out a response.

“I like watching you hang. I like knowing that you’ll be squirming and wet and drippy because I won’t let you have an orgasm. It’ll make you mad and pissy and  horny…and you can’t do a damned thing about it. I really like that, nilla.”

After a moment I get my breath back.

“You really are a sadistic bastard, Master.”

“I know, and thank you for the recognition…”

will nilla get her O? Stay tuned, sluts and pervies, Doms and toys…same slippery channel, same horny time….

6 thoughts on “*insert sound of crickets here*

    1. yes! I said as much to Him and He said…yeah? so? Hahaha. Last night I asked the way He suggested…and he said “do the words ‘fuck off’ ring a bell?’…

      *eyeroll* and that means no o until playtime. Too bad my pussy chose NOW to get all horny and turned on again….it’s been kinda sleeping…


    1. I love His sneaky doses of sadism too. He always manages to catch me off guard, too. Just when I think He’s just a “normal nice guy” He reminds me…He’s not!


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