It didn’t start with that word in the title.

As in all good stories, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end.  And in true nilla fashion, I’m going to start near the end.

You know, because I can.

“Get on your knees.”

His voice was firm, husky.

“You got yours, now I’m going to get mine.”

My bed is low to the ground. I’ve been on my back, on my belly, leaned over the edge of it…and after several wicked and intense orgasms, was more than a little spaced.

Which way was “off the bed” anyway? Blindfolded, I was lost in a darkness of soft velvety feelings. My body was tingling. There’d been a few good solid whacks with my nemesis, and His hands, and pinching and all those O’s…

His hand took my arm, guiding me.

We are, neither of us, young and nubile. The idea of being thrown to the floor that I read about in other’s blogs, of being drug around the floor by His fist in my hair? That is definitely off the table. I won’t say I flopped on my way down, but it was definitely not elegant, either. Sure, He’ll guide me by His hand in my hair, or tug me and shove me against the wall if we’re in a hotel…but…well, as I said, neither of us are spring chickens.

Still, He firmly guides me to the floor. At the start of things, He’d “taken my hands away”… cuffed and fastened to matching cuffs on my thighs…there was no way to use them to get off that damned bed, nor was there help in holding position, nor in touching or stroking Master’s cock. His legs are strong, and warm, and I use them to find my target, crawling around a bit to find the right place. I can only imagine the smile as He sat there and watched me try to find His cock without my hands, using only my head and mouth to ‘feel’ where I was.

He says nothing. A moan, a grunt, a tug of my hair.

A bit later, He begins the joking that I wrote of in yesterday’s post, written as I was still deeply enthralled in euphoria. The predicament bondage of His hands, my tits, His cock.

Jz wrote about men liking the gag thing as we suck, choke, throw up a little (yeah. Just a little. I hate that part–and me with a belly full of Chinese food.) HE seemed to enjoy that as well.

And later, when He came, His juice filling my mouth, the taste and pleasure of making Him cum with just my mouth? Only added to my euphoria. I love cumming, make no mistake. I love when He pleasures/pains me. When He drains my body.

Even more?

I love pleasing Him.

And in that moment we were both totally sated.