HNT-Sari for the Teasing….


My dear friend Donna sent me this Sari cloth last year, and I LOVE it. The color is mysterious…blue in some light, green in others. Such is the nature of beautiful silks. The needlework is gorgeous as well. I found it while organizing my bedroom last week, and started playing around with it…and voila! HNT!

Thank you Donna! You wouldn’t believe how much fun I have with this. When I was little my mom would -very rarely- let me play in her box of remnant fabrics…and this brings that same joy to my spirit.

Happy HNT!



21 thoughts on “HNT-Sari for the Teasing….

    1. thanks Donna…it’s such fun to play with. I love draping it over me and looking at the folds, the colors and shadows…you are a delight for gifting me with it!

      ❤ nilla

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