Slut on Call

Sifting through the mail in her front hall, she kicked off her shoes. They looked great but after a twelve-hour day her feet were throbbing. She tugged the ponytail holder out of her hair, shifted out of her jacket. She was just about to head to the kitchen to nuke some pizza when she found the envelope.

Definitely not hers.

If it had been junk, she would have simply tossed it, but this looked official. Important. With a longing glance towards the kitchen, her tummy grumbling impatiently, she slid back into her shoes, ignoring the protest of her toes,  and headed next door.

The neighborhood was quiet and dark. Friday night was date night for some, and a chance to sit and veg in front of the tv for others. The sounds of crickets seemed loud in the darkness, those last desperate calls for mates creating a constant, chirring hum. She climbed the steps, noting the tidy little front porch. A pot of mums sat on the bottom step, and a brass number plate sat over the doorbell. Both were new. Ringing the bell, she wondered who, exactly, would answer the door. She had never seen, nor met, the people who had moved in here this spring. She’d been off to California for work when the house had closed and the new owner took possession. It seemed they worked opposite schedules or something.

The door jerked open, starling her. She had a moment to take in a tall, dark-haired man with fierce eyes, before she was tugged inside.

“You’re late.”

A strip of duct tape slapped over her mouth, a blindfold tugged over her eyes. The letter fell soundlessly from her fingers to the floor, sliding into the kitchen and half under the fridge. Neither of them noticed. He almost ripped her shirt as he tore it away from her body, then used it to tie her wrists behind her back. Despite struggling, he overpowered her quickly. A hand in her hair pushed her, stumbling blindly, through the house, until she fell face-first onto a bed. Panic set fire to her, as she rolled, kicking out. She did not want to be raped, she only wanted to deliver a fucking letter. Strong arms pulled her up the bed, grabbed and secured each flailing foot. She growled and screamed behind the gag, as he rolled her to the side, sliding the shirt off of her. She punched out when her hands were free. The weight of a man’s body straddled her, high up on her torso, just below her breasts, as she tried to claw and scratch at him. He laughed.

“Feisty. I do like the feisty ones. Gotta say, slut, you’re the best so far.”

Quickly, effortlessly, he subdued each hand, until she was spread-eagled, tied to his bed. She bucked, trying to get him off of her so that she could breathe. Panic sent black spots to circle around her blindfolded eyes as she fought for breath.

“Yes, yes, impatient wench, I’ll play with your pretty titties…”

Matching words to actions, his hands tugged her bra upwards, freeing her breasts. He cupped and fondled them, sometimes gentle, sometimes firmly, until he pinched her nipples and lifted each fat breast by them. She squirmed, squealing.

“You have lovely nipples. Red as raspberries and fat. Just the way I like.”

He slid down her body, laying atop her, his mouth, sucking one breast deeply into his mouth.   Jesus…his mouth did powerful things to her. Her belly tightened, and she arched involuntarily, seeking more. His teeth bit into her tender skin, making her cry out. The gag tugged on her lips as she tossed her head. She wanted…

NO! No!

She breathed, trying to ignore his mouth on her tit. She’d always been sensitive there. Boyfriends were always fascinated that she could have an orgasm from having her nipples sucked. One had called them her “Orgasm knobs”, laughing as he’d turned them while fucking her, driving her over the edge so many times that she’d eventually passed out on him.

She wasn’t going to cum.

She wasn’t.


Her back arched as the first spasm rippled through her pussy.

“You horny little thing. NO! No cumming, don’t you fucking *dare* disobey me.”

His words were like cold water. With a hard slap, he pushed off of her, then tugged her skirt up around her waist. Pulling her panties to the side, his finger probed her cunt.

“You little whore. Soaked. Did you cum?”

She shook her head no. She was close. Very very close. His finger rubbed her clit, engorged and standing at attention. The little traitor.

“Good. You want to cum, don’t you?”

She shook her head, no.

No. She didn’t.

The slap on her pussy took her by surprise. She arched, shrieked.


He slapped again, twice more. Her clit throbbed, her pussy ached for release. This was fucking weird. He slapped her and she wanted to cum even more than before. She needed to get out of here. Now. She lay still, her mind racing. She pictured the freedom of her kitchen, the pizza in the freezer. A single tear traced from her eye to her ear. The edge of the gag pulled away, then slowly eased off her mouth.


“You don’t have permission to talk. Or cum. Got it, slut?”

“I’m NOT a slut!”

“That’s what all the sluts say.”

“I’m your neighbor…really. I was bringing you mail that came to my house by accident…”

“I never saw any mail.”

“I had it. In my hand….I’m not sure where it went when you grabbed me like …like..”

Her voice fell to a whisper. She heard footsteps cross the floor, leaving the room. It wasn’t long before he was back. The bed creaked as he lay across it beside her.

“How about that. And yet. So wet, little neighbor girl. So close to cumming. Are you sure you’re not part of Sam’s Sluts-to-Go? No? Okay, then, how about a bargain.”

There was a click, a whirrr and something, something wonderful, pressed against her pussy.

“If you don’t cum, if you can hold off for 5 minutes, then I’ll untie you and send you on your way, with my apologies. But if you do cum, if you act just like the horny slut I thought you were, and cream all over my bed? Then you stay here with me. All weekend. Playmates.”

He paused, letting that sink in, all the while playing the delightful buzzing thing down her pussylips, and back up over her clit.


“Of course not, a fine lady like yourself would never cum in a strangers bed after having her tits sucked and her pussy massaged.”


“Five minutes, starting now.”

Time seemed to thread past her in ribbons and waves. Her total attention was on her cunt. She wanted to get out of here. Cumming was not an option. She wanted home, and her pizza for dinner. She wanted her feet up and her book. She…the thing pressed hard against her clit and she arched, stimulated beyond belief.


She cried out, feeling the clenching of her pussy, her body arching and straining against the bonds that held her open. His chuckle bordered on cruel.

“Greedy girl, your pussy is very wet. I think she wants something…”

His finger caressed her slit while the churning bulb stirred her clit unceasingly.

“ooooooooOOOOO” she moaned as his finger, two, three slid inside her wet heat, curling up and stroking the most sensitive places inside her cunt.

“For a girl who doesn’t want to cum, you’re doing a very poor job resisting.”

His voice was a husky sound against her ear, the warm brush of his breath a near-caress. His lips found her nipple and sucked hard. She came in a torrent, her body arched into a perfect bow, releasing a flood. The gates were open, lust pouring through her body, flowing out in a torrent of sex juice. She had cum, harder than ever before in her life.

And now she was his.