Slut on Call (2)

His voice was like hot silk tickling at her ear. 

“You made my sheets all wet. You might be the nice lady next door, but underneath? You’re definitely a slutty little thing.”

She shook her head no, even as her body quaked and quivered with the aftershocks of the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had. What was it about his dirty words, and the persistence of his hands, his mouth, his toys? He turned her into jelly. He turned her into a slut. 

He sat up, bracing the bulb of the thing that had been her ultimate downfall, hard between her thighs. She had no idea what it was, but it was powerful.  He flicked the switch and a low hum came from it, then wedged it against the mattress so that it pressed against her sensitive bits.

“oh no! NO, no no no…I can’t…too much…oh pleaseee…” Her voice gasped, softened, sharpened, wailed. His smile said he didn’t care. He looked down at her, at the scrunched up face she made, as he slipped off the bed.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes, pet.” 


His laugh rang down the hallway as he disappeared. Her clit lurched as the bulb did its nefarious work. The fucking thing churned against her pussy as she wriggled to move it. Before she could dislocate it from her clit, she exploded again, laying there panting and whining like a dog.

“You look like you’ve been fucked six ways to Sunday–and we’ve only just begun.” 

She looked at him blearily.

“Fuck. You.”

“You have that backwards slut. I will fuck you. Eventually.”

She saw that he had something in his hand, and a tall glass of water. Oh, water. She thirsted for it.  As if he read her mind, he spoke.

“Want some?”

“please please…yes!”

He took a sip. And another. And then filled his cheeks and moved over her. He could not mean to do what she thought, would he? Yet he pinched her cheeks in a silent bid to open her lips. Oh. Gross. No.

He sprayed the water over her face. She tossed her head, the words ew, gross, and yuk escaping.

“You think my gift to you was gross? Perhaps the slut doesn’t need water after all?”

“But I’m so thirsty..” She looked up into his stern eyes.

“I’ll cut you some slack since you are obviously virginal. To D/s. I can tell that cunt has fucked a time or two before.  But my sort of play has rules. And they’re all in my favor. I’m on top. I’m the boss of you. I’m your mean Daddy. I tell you what to do and you do it and win my favor. Orgasms–or the stopping of them if I decide to continue torturing your pretty pussy with them.  Pleasure. Pain. You’ll get all of that from me.”

He paused, flicking a pert nipple.

“If you’re a good girl, which means obedience.”

“That isn’t very fair.”

She sounded petulant, even to her own ears. The vibe hummed between her thighs, her paroxysms having knocked it away from her clit. But it still pressed insistently against her wet pussy. 

“It isn’t at all about fair. It’s about what I want. I get to control you. I get to play with you. In return, you get things that will turn you on. Sometimes those things won’t be very nice–beatings, canings, even things like this.”

He paused and slipped a wooden clothes pin onto her nipple. She arched, moaning at the sudden firm pinch.

“Now, that doesn’t hurt all that much, girl.”

“Fine, then YOU wear it,” she grumbled. 

He laughed as he affixed the other peg.  She shrieked then, calling him a bastard, which made him laugh harder. 

“You’ll find such things amuse me, slut. I like to watch your pain, your struggle for coping with it. I like the sound of your anger spitting out there as I hurt you. I enjoy hurting pretty little things like you. It makes my cock throb, it turns me on, it feeds the hunger I have inside of me. If we continue to play this game, my sweet, it may just be that we’ll find an answering hunger in you.”

“Oh trust me, I have an answering hunger to hurt you. I want to punch you right in the nose!”

He fell over, laughing, his fingers stroking the underside of her breast, a soft counterpoint to the firm pinching on her nipple. And then he flicked it, hard and fast and unexpected, making her jolt and yelp.

“Fuck OW, fuck YOU! Ow ow…”

She felt his laughter against her belly as he lay there, using her as his pillow. 

“Oops…look what slipped away.”

Sitting up, he moved the vibe against her mons, pressing it firmly. 

“Your cunt is amazingly wet for one who says ‘oh, ouch’ so much. Perhaps you’re having a little pussy tsunami? Maybe we’ve stirred a little tidal surge in your belly? Can you imagine how wet your weeping pussy will be when I roll you over to fuck your little puckered asshole?”

He pressed his cum-wet finger against her anus, sinking it two knuckles deep in her bottom, fucking in and out. She whimpered, moaned, shook her head, but another orgasm roared through her body.

“Such a nasty little girl, cumming when I put my finger up your bum. Your sweet little fanny is just begging for my cock. Isn’t it?” He slammed three fingers back into her pussy, and finger fucked her hard, pulling another orgasm from her exhausted body. 

She felt everything…yet was suddenly free-floating in the sky somewhere. Her body was alive and arching and moaning and yet she was here, hanging out amongst the stars. There was only so much a body could take, she imagined. She had no idea what the fuck was happening…other than the prodigious use of her holes. 

And gods above she was so fucking thirsty.