Will it be You?

This blog is just a hair over 4 years old.

In that time I’ve gotten a bunch of awards, many of which I didn’t follow the rules and nominate others on so I felt I shouldn’t post them. My proudest is being inside the top ten last year on Rori’s list, number 6.

I’ve written 1, 572 posts (including this one!), many of which, an overwhelming majority are stories. Some stand alone, some are serials that I work at finishing, some actually ARE finished. πŸ™‚

I’ve dabbled with sensual haiku, a bit of poetry, and went from total D/s virgin to being owned by a Master who loves me and provides me with exactly the thing my kink needs to grow and flourish.

I’ve had over 2o,ooo comments (yours, and my responses, combined) and readers from almost every continent in the world barring Greenland. I had someone tell me once in a p.m. that he read me in the south pole, but my stats didn’t verify that, so Antarctica is also not on that list. (I keep hoping though!) Lots of Europe reads here, and quite a few countries in Africa, which amazes me.

I LOVE my stats pages, can you tell?

I love perusing the Search Terms that got people here in the first place. All the search terms (blog rough sex fuck is my current favorite) amuse me. Some make me scratch my head, but more people find me through “rough sex blog” than from any other search.

And sometime…in the next 10 days or so, my little started-in-a-fit-of-pique blog will surpass 500,000 views.

I shouldn’t care about the numbers. I’m a very little fish in a very big pond of sex bloggers. But something about all those big round O’s just fascinates me.

Well, you know nilla and O’s, right?


So maybe… October 3rd? You know I’ll Β be hanging on the edge, 499,990, 499,991…..

Five hundred thousand views. Half a fucking million looksee’s here at Vanillamom. Why…that’s simply *amazing*.

More than amazing…it’s…um…

Fucking Awesome!

I wonder who will pop me over to that wonderful huge number?

Will it be you?


21 thoughts on “Will it be You?

  1. Congrats sweet nilla!!! That’s quite an accomplishment! So…Oct. 3, huh?? Mine follows yours by six days, but mine is a quarter as old. I’m dully impressed and so damn grateful that you blog. You are a phenomenal writer and blogger!!! Thanks for sharing your life and your imagination.


    1. thanks fiona…I always say I write what amuses me first. Sometimes people haven’t always liked what I do, but really, there are a whole variety of kinky people out there and there’s always at least ONE other person who goes…yeah…that spoke to me. This blogging thing is amazing…and a great way to not feel isolated. How else would I ever have found this neat community of kindred spirits? We are each other’s support network…and I thank all the powers that be for each reader, each commentor, who helps me feel connected to the whole of this wicked, wonderful thing we do. πŸ™‚ And I”m grateful for the deep friendships I’ve made along the way…and you are one of those.

      Hug back…


    1. hahahaha…10,000 eh? that makes you a crazy stalker lady right? kidding…I adore you, B.

      A medium sized fish…like a koi? I like being coy…so…yeah. If the fish fits, wear it. Right? LOL!!


  2. A little Fish? No, I’m a little fish in this massive blogger pond. You are definitely a much larger fish in this here pond.
    I think I view each post at least 3 times, if not more, then if I get horny and am by myself…….
    Um, yes, anyway….

  3. I’m so happy that I found you, being first a fan and then a friend has been a phenomenal experience. I’ve said it before, but it still holds true now. I’m so proud of your journey. I’ve laughed, loved, cried and been angry with you and you with me.

    It’s a powerful thing you do friend.

    All my love,

    1. Thanks. I’m humbled by your caring, your friendship, and that you’ve been along on the ride with me almost from the first. I’m honored to be YOUR friend.


    1. Thanks sofia….it could be anyone at this point…a week or so is a lot of reading…and writing. But we’ll get there some way or the other!

      (by hook or by crook, my mother used to say!)


  4. I’m so glad you blog. Glad too, that you dared me so long ago along with a few other people. So, I can say it’s Your Fault! πŸ™‚ Lots of love and hugs! I’m at 71,899, and 5,479 comments. Just a bit behind.

    1. There you go…and the numbers…well, I do try to not obsess about them. I actually forget about them for vast periods of time, then I see it approaching a big number and go all gaga about it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for being part of the journey…and for what YOU do in blogland as well!



  5. First of all: Yay! You are great, Nilla! Your are just the pussy-cat’s meow! If I’m number 500,000, I’m gonna’ take a screenshot to prove it.

    As soon as you talked about all the countries you’ve gotten visits from, I just *had* to check ours. There are some African countries that haven’t read us yet and then there’s Norway. Nothing from Norway. They’re too proud. I would have no respect for them if they read our blog.

    1. I had to check my stats…I do have one Norway for today. But maybe if they see you have a new tentacle up….hmmm…

      PS …thanks for the delightful compliment. YYOUare the best. I’m just a runner up. πŸ™‚

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