Fuck Party in Nilla’s Bed

  • dig through the toybox for the perfect toys. Vibe? Check. Yeah, the one with batteries. And the plug in one. And the g-spot hitting dildo that used to be a vibe but died–yet lives on as the *perfect* dildo. And clothes pins. Hmmm…the wooden ones or the plastic ones with the non-skid surface. Yes. Definitely the plastic. We need a bit more ‘bite’ tonight.
  • Lube. Yes. Those vibrations are so much more fun with lube…who knew?
  • Condom. Check. That fucking battery vibe has those darned ridges that my pussy does NOT like…adding to the layers of condoms on it is a must.

Okay. It’s dark in here…where the hell is the hole to put the plug in? Fumble fumble fumble…I give up. Where’s the flashlight. Grumble grumble. I hate losing the ‘mood’ here- dark, cold room, thin sheet, the feeling of…oh there’s the fucking flashlight. Okay. There’s the friggin hole. mmmmmmm….that’s nice.

Opens condom, slides over old condom. Nice and squishy, won’t feel those weird ridges. Batteries are relatively fresh, too. Gawd I love Tuesday! My pussy is so ready for this!

Oh..lube. I almost forgot! Open new box of lube. Try to squirt. Nada. Huh?

pauses to read the lube box. brand new lube. not that i’ve never used lube before, but yanno, sometimes they say something interesting.  Oh…tear off inner foil seal before using. heh. blonde moment.

Unscrews lid of lube. Aaahh…*giggles* what a silly slut! *peels off inner seal with minimal grunting and effort* Screws lid back on. Aaah, lube. Takes a minute to giggle at directions on package

caution, lube is *very* slippery


Isn’t that the *point* of lube? Shakes head at the obviousness of some labeling. Tries to pour a drop of lube on the condom coated dildo.

Watches as lube drop glides right off, like an elephant on ice. Wonders where on the bed the drop went…it disappeared. Sighs. Puts lube on PUSSY.

Now we have a par-tay!!

Vibe in pussy. On low. mmmmmm

Vibe on clit on medium.  Oh. Squirmy.

Wait…why is it so light in here? I can’t masturbate when the lights are on…oh. stupid flashlight! Click…aaahhh. Lovely. Mmmm…oh ouch! Hair stuck in armpit. Hate that. But it does go along with that whole hairpulling thing.

Remembering the story I wrote before bed. He’s gonna take her ass whether she “wants it or not”….why does that always get me off?

So close.

So close…ohhhh..

Damn. I hate when it falls away like that. My arm is getting tired. What does Master do? Oh, those twisting motions….oh my! Yes…that’s good…


hanging on the verrrah edge…


It falls away a*gain*….



I forgot the clothes pins. Pinches a nipple, scrabbles in the dark for a pin. What? Where the fuck?



Ruffles covers.

Turns on flashlight which pierces my eyes.

OH FUCK! I can’t see anything…winces…

oh…One clothes pin…now where the hell…

half-sits up. Lubed pussy squirts out vibe.

*sighs heavily*

Finds other clothes pin under pillow, about to fall off the bed. How did…oh who cares? Pinches nipple, slaps on first peg. OUCH! That hurts. Like..really hurts.


I’m NOT going to reposition it. Master wouldn’t. So I won’t. But it really hurts.

Ohh..where’d that vibe go?

*fumbles in the sheets, shoves it unceremoniously up into the snatch*

Okay…mmmmoooooohhh…yeah baby, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about…

pinches right nipple, squeezes hard, positions pin more carefully…bite good, then release….ooohhh..

Left nipple throbs, temporarily drowning out the throb in my clit as I put the clit vibe up higher, and higher, until it’s buzzing hard. Squirming..ouching…ssquirming…

Every squirm rubs the pegs on my nipples with the sheets, tugging. Kind of like Master, only gentler. He *is* a sadistic Bastard, after all…but it’s enough to remind me of Him…to hear His voice in my ear, whispering that He’s going to take my ass, because it’s His…

Pussy gets that funny “itch” deep inside.

I can almost HEAR His voice, that smooth, dark, silky tone He gets when tormenting with His words.

The ‘itch’ gets more intense, and I feel the clenching deep inside…and suddenly I’m flying…

pussy clenches hard on the vibe inside, now so much lube that it threatens to shoot across the room, let alone out the cunt. The vibe on  my clit is too much…too much.

But HE wouldn’t relent, no He wouldn’t… so i suffer the paroxysms of my clenching cunt with the vibe humming. In truth, I’m almost paralyzed by the pleasures and pains dancing through my body.

I’m aware that I’m whimpering out loud, that my body is locked in a passionate rigor, as I come down, down from the experience. Finally my hand moves enough to turn off the twin vibes locked in and on my pussy by my clenched legs. After a few minutes, as I gasp and try to assemble my wits, they open, those thighs, and I slide the soaked dildo’s away, and drop them into my toybox.

My nipples ache.

Oh gosh after an Orgasm like that, they throb so, as if they will explode from the fury of the O, and the pinching containment of the pegs on them.

I don’t wanna take them off, I whine in my head. It’s going to hurt SOoooooo much…

Eyes screwed shut tight, I reach under the blankets for them. Oh…OH! just *touching* them hurts…

I draw a half-breath…another…and pinch. The left one, the hurtiest one, comes off easily. But my right hand has lube on it still, from the dildo’s or from my pussy, who knows.

They slip off the clothes pin–the plastic  is now very slippery–and I yelp as it pinches again, my nipple screaming. Shaking fingers finally grasp the fucking peg, releasing my nipple from the bite. The “teeth” don’t want to come off. They are stuck to the nipple, and I have to give a little ‘shake’ to make it pry off.

oh fuuuuuuuck….

That really hurt.

Pussy oozes, my belly trembles, and another tiny orgasm swells through me. A lucky double? But it leaves me hornier than when I started.

Too bad–it’s almost midnight and Master is unreachable. I drop the pegs into my toybin, pull the covers over me, and touch my dripping pussy, smiling.

I sleep.

19 thoughts on “Fuck Party in Nilla’s Bed

    1. thanks sis…it was funny, and I had to tell Him my masturbation report…so why not give Him ALL of it, right? *shaking my head* yeah. it happens like that a way lot more than I’ve ever said. He was quite amused, actually.


    1. Thanks Kayla…I’m not sure how ‘hot’ it was but it sure was funny. (and sadly, not an atypical masturbation session, either!)



  1. Ohmygawd, I
    I um. I. I um
    Oh hold on, I can’t breathe.
    I. Um. Oh.

    Hell, nilla. That is simply so fucking hilarious. That sounds soooooo like me in the afternoon when I get a moment to masturbate and the oh- so fucking frequent comedy of errors. And making that fantasy in your kind bright enough. And the NEED for a bite of pain to make you go over the edge. Oh. Ya. I completely relate. But that damn comedy of errors!!!


    1. yes! Yes yes YES! You got it. Got the hilarity of it, the absolute silliness of it.

      And all 100% true. (it’s my O report to Himself)…

      nilla, still smiling!

    1. Thanks faithful…it was just another typical masturbation session…but I thought it was time I came clean to Him and told Him the whole of it, every silly moment. 🙂


  2. Omg, the clamp stuck to your nipple!!! Yikes!! This is an awesome story, an inspiration for those of us who are not so adept with all the toys. Thanks. 🙂


    1. lol…except…

      it’s not a story. It’s the actual Orgasm Report I sent to the Man. It made HIM laugh, coz it’s 100 per cent truth. So He said I could publish it so you all can see what a goof I am. 🙂


  3. You are so cute, nilla! My masturbation stories would be boring.

    Throw some towels on the floor. Sit on hitachi- placed just so on my clit. Try to hold off the orgasm as long as possible to enjoy this, dang it. Last about 15 seconds before I come hard and collapse in a heap on the floor for a wee nap.

    1. lol…okay I’m guessing there would be some joyful paroxysms and such and you just left that part out, right?

      but you did make me giggle. 🙂

      This is the actual Orgasm Report that I sent to Master. He said I could share it so that you all could know what a goofball I am. 🙂

      I luff Him.


    1. LOL…silly girl! Boxed lube is a brand new bottle of lube that had yet to be opened (and I didn’t mention that i lost the other bottle of lube. It only had a wee bit in it so i MAY have tossed it…but i dunno. I only know I needed to break into the NEW bottle…ergo the blonde moment!)


    1. it seems that every night i get to masturbate that *something* like that arises…part of the challenge of seeking the orgasm (kinda like an in-bed version of climbing Everest!)


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