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I was still in a fog when I wrote my post the other day, our ice cream visit. I forgot a few things, and there’s been some sweet texts and conversations between us since then as well.

And bruises.

Geezuz I’m covered in bruises. Some are pretty painful, and some are just ugly. I’m beaming as I write this, by the way. I love that I’m wearing tangible proof of His hands on my body. I had to tell Him tonight that it will be a while before we get playtime, as my new business is doing very well, which takes up much of my free time.  October is pretty much out of the question, and with Holidays approaching soon after that? Who knows.

He reminded me that we have one more ice cream date. *smiling* It was said as an “as mandatory as He can make it” kind of voice. Still working around my work obligations, I can make it happen this weekend.

“Has to be after dark. Then I can really beat you up.”

I laughed when I read that text. I could hear Him say it, I could feel His glee. He knows that just reading that would turn me on.

It did.

So this weekend we’ll get together, likely the last time before the place closes for the season. That thrills me to my marrow.


Speaking of marrow, I recently registered to be a stem cell donor. Have you heard of this? A cheek swab is taken, sent to a lab, and added to a database. This is the registry of donors. Stem cells are a viable cure for blood cancers. The woman who talked to me about it had tried everything for her leukemia, and it was a matching stem-cell donor who turned things around for her, and saved her life. She is currently in remission. It was–a very emotional moment for me. I have a dear friend who survived cancer, a sweet acquaintance who lost her breast this spring to it, and my own mother who lost her battle after a mere 4 months. I decided that I couldn’t sit back. Hero complex, perhaps. But if I match, I’ll do what is called for. I hope you’ll consider becoming a donor as well. Yeah. I know. Called to be a life-saver from a sex blog, right?


My muse is currently cooking the very last bit of “Slut on Call”…don’t be surprised to see that ending as soon as I have time to sit and pull it all together. I’ve enjoyed all the responses to it, and will write to you all, I promise. I’ve been chomping at the bit to have time to write–the muse is NOT a patient creature, I’ve noticed! I’m sure during my shower tomorrow she’ll spur me along with some great ideas.


I’ve got some really vanilla chores to wrap up around here before the leaves start pouring down…and it’s been SO warm here that I have to get too it. NO fun painting outside when it’s in the 50’s…I’d much rather do it while it’s still 60-70, yanno? So that has first priority…(don’t tell the muse!)

About time to put my gardens to bed for the year too, though hard to justify when it could hit 88 here tomorrow (after having a light frost last week.) New England is so weird sometimes!

Well, before this makes you want to curl back up in bed and snooze, I’ll shut the fuck up, nilla (as Master says when I forget and try to interject in our phone conversations!)

Happy Hump(ing) Day !!

Oh…speaking of…does anyone know the name of the camel in that commercial? Mike Mike Mike Mike…what day is it? what day is IT?Master is quizzing me. He said I couldn’t look it up…but He didn’t say someone couldn’t help me…*grinning*…


One last thing…

Thank you.

Thank for coming and reading this sort of drivel. And for coming and reading and getting turned on when I write the juicy stuff–the “bad” fantasy and the “sweet”. The torrid things Master does to me. The equally torrid things I dream up (and don’t always want to have come true!)…

I write–because it–fills me. Heals me. Makes me happy. And along the way I discovered that it makes YOU happy.

I’ve met some fabulous real life people, made some beloved friends, and discovered a lot about myself that suddenly makes sense.

Hey, I’m nilla and I’m a slut. I love to write porn and erotica, and I have a Master who likes to beat me–and I love to be beat. I’m a masochist who can come from pain as well as pleasure. It’s been so good to make your acquaintance.

Thanks for half-a-million views, world of porn readers. And here’s to another half-mil in the next 4 years, eh?!




17 thoughts on “Random Stuff

    1. Thank you mouse…I am always deeply honored (and that’s the plain truth) whenever you happen to comment. That you smiled over one of my posts…well that just makes *me* happy!


  1. The camel is not called by name in the commercial. But further research found his name to be Caleb. Have a great hump day!

    1. Thanks Moxi!

      Thanks for commenting, Moxi!
      He was unmoved that I didn’t research but that you all did…so NO o for nilla!! Dang it!


  2. *Coughcough* Caleb *coughcough*
    Well that’s the actual name of the camel who was in the video. Not sure if he has a name in the commercial; couldn’t find it anyway.

    1. giggle…thanks Michelle…and I told Him how I found out and He called me on it. “I said NO googling, not only that YOU couldn’t check it out. You were supposed to guess.”

      No o for nilla. 😦

      But thanks for slipping it to me!


    1. pretty girl syndrome?

      He thinks I’m beautiful. I doubt very much He thinks I have pretty girl syndrome, since it took Him years to get me to write that first line. And I do the tit shots for His enjoyment. Always, first and foremost.


  3. Dear, I love your random moments. It makes the magic of your stories that much better when we know what a lovely ditz you are. 🙂 Makes us feel human too. Especially when we know that there is someone out there just as horny/crazy/horny/silly/horny/ditzy/horny as we are. Oh, and Horny too!

    1. 🙂 I am a ditz. Absolutely fits me to a T…and horny. oh yes, i have dat.

      a terrible case of das hornies. 🙂


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