Anticipating Ice Cream

Sorry there was no new post yesterday…it was a crayzee day for your intrepid business  slut  woman. I run a very physical business (despite being round!) and had *three* clients. I’m always psyched when I get these jobs, even the one-off ones. But boys howdee am I one tired slut.

Friday night Master took note of how tired I was and declined to let me have an O despite it being nearly a week since my last one. Despite my pleading that I really, terribly needed one. After all, I  had skipped my Tuesday O  (I was tired then too).   As part of His morning greeting to me, He declared Saturday night to be “O-less” as well. And it occurs to me (now) that He knew He was going to say “no” even before I got all tired and stuff.

*rolls eyes*

How annoying that He’s almost always right.

Then I remember. Today is Sunday. He hasn’t said NO yet. Of course, He hasn’t said “YES” yet, either…but…

…ah, but.

But but but.

There is *ice cream* in my future. This very evening, I’ll drive down to where-He-lives and we’ll meet at this sweet little farmstand and we’ll choose our flavors, and while we lick and slurp our nummy yummy treats, we’ll go and stare at the cows in the field–aaaaand –when we start to shiver, we’ll go into one of our cars…

(best run on sentence, ever, and not done yet!)

and who *knows* what naughty things may transpire under cover of darkness. There aren’t a lot of people who hang out at the ice cream stand in October when it gets dark at 620 p.m. Only a couple of old farts who sit in an old minivan and giggle. Okay, only the redhead giggles. The upstanding older gentleman who purchased the ice cream likely sits there, tolerant of his younger companions antics.

If only they knew what really happens inside that vehicle.  Pinches and tickles and bruises. Hair pulling and nipple tweeking. Kissing. Slapping. Orgasms.

You know.

Good stuff.

And, people.

Ice Cream.

Yuppers, (nods) that’s what I’m heading down there for.  Ice Cream.

That’s my story.  I’m stickin’ to it.









9 thoughts on “Anticipating Ice Cream

  1. Every time you write about going for ice cream, I picture the place just the way I saw it on my visit there. You and your master with sparks flying between you, sparks of affection and lust in equal measure. Have fun tonight!!


    1. That’s the place. Tomorrow is the last day and we won’t make it. 😦 I am having one job, then some more quiet time to rest up. I’m taking good care of me just now (and hating it)


  2. I picked up pumpkin-gingersnap the other day.
    I do not like the end of ice cream season…
    (But am glad you’re celebrating it, somehow!)

    1. I do not like pumpkin.

      I wonder if I lose my New Englander card now? LOL. Never liked it, not in pie, coffee nor ice cream. UGH!

      Glad YOU enjoyed yours tho!

      nilla, smiling

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