The Fun of Torture

This is just a short update.

I’ve got a writing assignment that takes precedence to all other blog posts because I will do allllll I can to avoid another night of punishment.


There was a 2nd night of punishment.

And I’m horny. And…a bit cranky. And so. Fucking. Turned. On.

By the control. By the attention (let’s face truth here…we sluts are attention whores, too…and when they give it, we love it). By the sheer meanness of the task.

And by not having an orgasm for TWO nights, despite playing with the pussy and comingsofuckingclosetothat…that…ooohhh…fuuuuucccckkkk.

I hate Him.

Okay, so I don’t really hate Him.

I just hate pulling the dildo out before I get to cum, leaving my body twisting and frustrated.

He sent me an email this morning, a response to my email of my half-O report (I’m learning…).

I find it hard to believe that it’s been that long between half Os for you – not that you fuck-up that much but because they’re such wonderful torture. Well, here’s to the next dozen – or so.

That’s a direct quote.

I’m so screwed. He loves this little …game?…of turn the slut on and watch her twirl in desperate need. And then deny.

If ever there was a reminder of the fact that we are SO not a vanilla couple? This is it.

And now, I’m off.

Well, not off…not getting off, to be sure….but I need to go do my assignment before He decides to …no. Not even looking down that dark and scary alleyway.

(see? tol’ ya I was smart (sometimes) !)


5 thoughts on “The Fun of Torture

  1. Why oh why do I see a story here? Nilla and the Half O’s… A torrid little tale of unfulfilled masturbatory fantasies, building and building and building to a climax of unbelievable squirty passion.

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