Short, but Sweet

Monday night here–and you’re up eating Tuesday breakfast, I’ll bet. Oh, huge assumption there….when I actually have a global readership. Sorry. Well, it’s Tuesday morning *somewhere* after this publishes. 🙂

Master and nilla had a brief but oh-so-wonderful face time on Sunday. I craved Him. And you know…no–wait–you don’t know.

I had 4 days of half-orgasms.

In a row.

And NO orgasm for 13 days (I’ll get one tonight). I was (and kind of am though i’m getting used to it now) SUPER horny when we met. Touching Him, kissing His bearded face…all made me even more squirmy.

And I was…twitchy. Couldn’t sit still. Jiggling my leg. Tapping my fingers, rubbing my legs through my jeans, shifting in my seat. Days n days without orgasms and being kept in a near-constant state of “turned on” will do that to a needy gal.

I was a very needy gal.

I AM a very needy slut.

Tonight–in mere minutes after setting this to post on Tuesday in the midnight hours of the Northeast–I’ll be ‘pounding the pussy’ and having a ginormous orgasm.

Or falling asleep.



No fucking way.

I’m soooooo horny. Did I mention that up there? I am sure I did.

So, we’re standing at the counter at our newest coffee shop, and He comes up behind me. I lean my head back against His shoulder, just SO happy to be with Him…

My hair cascades between us, and creates a perfect shield. His hand slips up under my arm and He pinches the tender bit of skin just in front of my armpit, that tender bit right underneath there?


That hurt. And I stood there with suddenly erect posture, trying to look ‘normal’. Trying to look like the fucker was tickling me instead of pinching the fuck out of my under arm area.

And then He does tickle me.

So I’m giggly and trying to not moan…coz it fucking hurts.

So fucking good, that pain.

I wrote to Him later, when I told Him about the “bonus” half-O that I did to please Him (He said I was stupid, then laughed. I think that meant He enjoyed the idea of my self-torturing myself to please Him when He didn’t call for it…)…and confessed that I was )*( that close to cumming when He pinched me the third time. It was bitingly intense, a sharp hard hurt…and I felt my pussy clench and lurch…and was right there on the edge, throbbing clit and all.

I’m not sure how I managed to hold that orgasm back. But I didn’t volunteer for a half-o last night…I think we both knew that there’d be a major “oops” if I’d tried that one.

And the best part? Tonight (yes, your tonight, Tuesday)…I’ll get *another* orgasm…and if the Sox OR Bruins win Wednesday, I could get ANOTHER one.

I’m a lucky (bruised and horny) slut.



7 thoughts on “Short, but Sweet

    1. (can you tell I’m finally getting caught up on old comments? Oct 22nd? Oy vey)

      That sweet spot of D and s…it keeps moving, dammit! Why? why can’t we hold onto the sweet pieces longer? At least my mid-week snark ended quickly. 🙂 I think He’s faster at catching my mood and slaps it down faster.


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