A “Dear John” Letter

This was simply too amusing to NOT share with ya’ll…

I didn’t think I’d have time to write a blogpost today, and here is John, helping me out. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the chuckle…I sure did!

So, I open my email at lunch and see this:


I work for a company called Discover Media, acting on behalf of a casino client who like to advertise on your website.

I am interested in publishing a short article (around 300+ words) on your website, to stay live for a 12 month period.

We tailor each article to suit individual websites, and are able to provide the content if necessary and can ensure that it is unique, up to date and relevant to the theme of your website.

Alternatively if you feel more comfortable creating your own content, we would be more than happy to work with you creating a piece that works for both of us.

If you are interested please reply and we can discuss it further.

Best regards,


Now, I’ve been alternating from the Viking to just feeling pissy today. But this? This just amused the fuck out of me. Me, a sex blogger. Me, who writes sultry tales of BDSM fantasy–and shares my personal forays into this dark and lovely life we live…ad-hosting for a frigging casino? I’m sure–NOT!  So rather than letting the Viking out to play, rather than just *ignoring* the silly man…I decided to respond:

Dear John

(and oh, isn’t that funny. A “Dear John” letter…to John)
Have you *looked* at my blog? Hmmmm? C’mon, let’s be honest here. Who in their right mind would keep a post ‘live” for 12 months? Why not start your own blog?
And why, why, why, would a casino, a CASINO, man, want to advertise on *my* blog?
Which goes back to …have you READ my blog?
It’s a sex blog.
Specifically about BDSM sex.
50 shades of gray kind of sex.
*shaking my head*
John, John, John…tsk.  Next time check before you ask. Your client would shit a brick if you said “hell, yeah! Nilla will host your ad…and she’s writing PORN! Neat, eh?”
bye bye, John,

So—while I’m having a metza-metza kind of day? John will be having his tongue surgically removed from his throat after swallowing it.

That amuses me, somehow.

hmmm…perhaps the Viking is out to play after all….



8 thoughts on “A “Dear John” Letter

  1. The Viking woulda slapped a slave collar on him and sent him to muck out the pigsty, after appropriating all his goods and wenches. THAT was just nilla having some fun.

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