Sacrifice (1)


“shhhhh…” the voice was familiar, soft. It sent shivers through her body. He’d whispered his soft shush into her ear, one of her most erotic of erogenous zones. Her nipples grew taut as his tongue swirled around her outer ear, as his lips sucked the lobe into the hot, wet warmth of his mouth. She arched as his teeth bit that tender bit of flesh.

The sharp slap of his hand on her pussy made her fall back, trying to push into the hard surface under her. It was cool, and felt like wood. She couldn’t seem to clear the cobwebs in her brain. Another slap on her cunt and she whimpered.

“Shhhhh….” His breath was a tickle on wet skin, raising goose-flesh along her left side. A pinch on her nipple drew another ragged sound from her mouth. She opened it wide, wanting to protest, to yell, but there was something there, filling her mouth. She bit and tasted rubber. Tossing her head she felt straps tightened.

“Goood gurl,” the words were crooned, low and soothingly.

Something rubbed against her pussy.


“Yeah, that’s gotta go.”

“I can pluck them…”

“Sure, if you want to be here for a week.”

The sound of nasty laughter made her head ache, and a tremble shivered down her spine. Yet there was a finger caressing her ear, making her quiver, low, between her thighs. Something cold was spread there, the sharp pungent scent of shaving cream teased her nose. There was a scraping across her mons, the swish of water and the sudden humiliating realization that someone was  shaving her pussy. Fingers pulled her folds apart, seeking hairs, even scraping around her asshole. She wanted to fight, to get away from the embarrassment, but the lethargy didn’t allow it. Her arms and legs felt wooden. Indeed all she seemed to feel was the tickling erotic brush of breath on her ear as he whispered details–dark and dirty details–to her, and the touch of hands on her pussy.

“All set. She’s smooth as butter now.”

“Nice. He hates stubble. Make sure you got every bit.”

There was a sudden sharp pain.

“Missed one. Right by her asshole. You’d get a demerit for that one.”

“Yikes. Okay. You check. I’m going to finish cleaning up here. We need to hurry. He’ll be here soon, and expect her to be ready for him.”

There were noises around her; running water, the flush of a toilet, the swish and tap of something, perhaps the razor used on her, being rinsed. Then, silence.

Fingers poked and prodded her lower regions.

“She’s good. Ready for the next.”

Something warm and wet hit her pussy, fingers swirling around her suddenly sensitive flesh.

“Don’t miss a spot. You know he likes ’em slippery…”

“Dont’ worry, I’ve used a ton of lube here.”

Fingers slid into her pussy, then around her anus. She couldn’t protest, not with the hunk of rubber in her mouth. Squealing didn’t stop the finger from probing, from sliding into and out of her tightest entry. The soft voice at her ear continued.

“Shhhh, little one. We’re just preparing you. You don’t want him to push into your asshole without lube, trust us. You’ll be ready for him, and we’ve prepared you well. The idea is to minimize your pain. There will be some, yes, it can’t help but be a bit uncomfortable, can it, to have something shoved up your ass like that…but if you’re soft and slick and ready? You’ll enjoy it, eventually. And then he’ll be done, and we’ll return and clean you up, and set you to rights.”

Fingers rubbed round and around her clit, pinching and releasing the sensitive bulb  of her sex. She shivered with the sudden rush of lust.

“The oil did its job–she’s craving more.”

“Two minutes…let’s clear out of here.”

She lay listening to the sounds of people leaving, the quiet shuffle of feet. The voice at her ear spoke just once more, a hand stroking over her hair, tugging the blindfold to be sure it was in place.

“Enjoy, slut. I’ll be back soon.”

The door closed and she was left alone, muzzy-headed, with a burgeoning desire throbbing in her cunt.