Sacrifice (2)

The door opened. She heard it through the haze of lust that boiled in her blood. The focal point was at the apex of her thighs, where an insistent throb made her want to rub, made her want to rise up and impale herself on any rigid surface.

She needed to fuck.

Her hands were held fast, over her head, secured to something. Her legs were pegged open, she had no idea how. The lethargy in her limbs was a direct counterpoint to the throbbing need in her cunt.

There was no fear, not that she could speak of it anyway. Something hard and rubber filled her mouth.


Not realizing he was that close, she jumped a little. A finger, covered in leather, stroked between her breasts, swirled around her belly button, and paused just above where she craved touch the most. When it left her body, she whimpered, begging.

He laughed, the sound full of pleasure.

“Oh, you’re a needy cunt, aren’t you?”

Suddenly her tits were grabbed, taken hold of with fingers that grabbed as if pinched in a vise-grip. Little mewling noises came from behind the gag as she tossed her head. It hurt!

“Very pretty titties you have, slut. They chose well for me.”

His hands relaxed, and she breathed, but in moments she squealed as he grasped again,  his hold painfully harsh. It seemed like forever that he held her thus; she thought she’d die from the pain. He released her tits, then slapped each one and moved away. Footsteps crossed the room, followed by the soft sound of someone disrobing. Gasping breath through her nose, swallowing spit and fear, she tried to breath through the pain memory, each hard-won breath easing the ache in her breasts. A shoe hit the floor, making her jump, then the other. A belt tinkled as it was unhooked, and the whissssper of it being pulled from the loops carried to her. She did not hear that fall to the floor, though she strained for the sound of it.

Footfalls, quieter now, returned to her. She felt his heat between her thighs.

“You mark well, girl. I like that in a sacrifice.”

The swish came just as the belt struck her left breast. Her scream was muffled, and drowned out the sound of the next blow. He hit just above the first strike. The third stroke caught her nipple. The pain bloomed, making her choke for breath. Several more blows, and she gagged, choking on the rush of tears and bile in her throat. The flurry of strokes stopped, his hands moving in her hair, removing the gag.

“Breathe. I like to hear your sounds anyway. Cry for me. Beg. Wail. I enjoy every sound that will squeak from you.”

Some of the fog cleared from her head, as it was intended to, she supposed. Drug her to be quiescent, then leave it to fade away, making her struggle against him, against the bonds that held her tight, open and available for him, which she instinctively knew he would enjoy. And burning through it all, the heavy weight of lust, making her crave fulfilment. She’d take it. Take all of his pain, if only he would fuck her.

She must have spoken aloud.

“Fuck you I will. Hard, as hard as ever a man takes a cunt. Using you, all of you. Ass, pussy, mouth…until I am done with you. You are the sacrifice, after all. Mine to dump my seed into. Mine to use. Mine to touch. Mine to cover with pain. I’ll spend you well, fill you, hurt you, pleasure you.”

His words echoed the dark thoughts that had been whispered in her ear by her preparer. Her nipples peaked, her pussy swelled, oozing honey. Her whole body sought to entice, to satiate the boiling needs in both of them.

The belt whistled through the air, the sizzle of the leather against her tit filled the room with energy. He beat her tits until they felt heavy and thick with burning bruises. When the first blow hit her pussy, she was rigid with shock, then screaming with the pain of more, always more. Her clit, rigid in sex-need, felt close to exploding when the edge of the belt struck it.

Her body convulsed, spasming in orgasm.

“Fucking slut.” His words ground through her body. There was an insistent push against her pussy as his cock sought entry. It was huge. She could feel the enormous head, and feared. He would rip her apart. He would destroy her. He would…

The lube heating her blood smoothed his entry. There was pain…nothing that large would enter so small a chamber without pain. Yet she craved the pain. He pushed deeper; alarm flooded  her. He was girthy, and long. So long. He wouldn’t fit. There was pressure deep inside of her, and she cried out with the pain against her cervix.

And came, hard.

He groaned as her cunt pulsed around him. Her head tossed as she shook with the powerful effects of drug and stimulation.

“Fuck meeee!”

She couldn’t believe she was begging for more, for pain, for friction for all of what He would do to her. His fingers wrapped around her nipples, tugging her breasts for leverage, as his hips began gyrating, figure eights interspersed with hard jabs.  She cried at the pain, begged for more as he filled her, used her rough like the whore he called her.

When he pulled from her pussy, she knew.

The massive head pressed against her anus. Here he could fully embed his full length. Here he would be unencumbered, able to thrust into her, bury himself balls-deep into her heat.

Her scream was nearly drowned out with his groan of pure pleasure. His fingers tightened on her nipples, and pain assaulted her at both ends. Her fingers clenched into fists, her asshole felt torn, and she would have sworn that she was damaged beyond repair.

Yet the quiver in her pussy betrayed her. Pain and pleasure beat through her. Her cunt compressed, squirting juice where their bodies met. His cock filled her ass, taking all her sacrificial body had to offer.

Ripples of orgasm tore through her, shrouds of pleasure weaving through her, stealing her breath, robbing her of coherent thought, leaving her drained, wrung out.

He pulled from her ass, driving deep into her pussy once more. His yowl warned her that he was cumming, filling her with his hot load of sperm. Her entire body quivered, trembling as her orgasm welcomed his, drawing his juices deep, deep into her belly. Back arched, arms and legs straining within the bonds that held her, she took, giving all of her to him, the fire in her belly blooming in one final explosion.

Her world went dark.

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  1. Omigoodnessgracious. Just read this and the one from yesterday. Excuse me, i have to go – um, i have to – um, you know, i’ll be back later… sheesh.


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