“I like your shirt,” she said, as she dug in her jeans pocket for the chunk of change there. Red Sox gear was everywhere; team support was at an all time high since winning the World Series a week ago. Passing two crumpled bills and the eight quarters through the little grill, she grinned at him.

“I like redheads.” He smiled, revealing teeth that hadn’t seen the inside of a dentist’s office in years.

She smiled tentatively.

“Thanks. Uh,  eight dollars on pump three, please.” She hooked her thumb over her shoulder, indicating a battered blue van that had seen better days.

“I’m guessing $8.00 isn’t gonna give you much drive-time, Red.”

“Nope…but it’s all I’ve got, mister. Don’t get paid until tomorrow.”

“Lessee, that’s gonna buy you just over two gallons of gas.” He shook his head. “Red, whatcha gonna do with two gallons of gas? Nothing. You’ll burn half of that turning that shitbox on. Them old vans are shit on gas.”

He paused, stroking the small beard on his chin. Like many New Englanders, he’d sported a beard through October.

“Tell you what, Red. It’s late, and I’m about to close up. You got here just before the pumps went down. How’s bout you skootch back here and we work out a little deal?”

That he was oogling her cleavage was one thing. Going around back to the little booth was quite another. She took a deep breath, and a step.

“Atta girl. Door is ’round that side.” He gestured to her right with a quick nod of his head.

Four steps brought her to the door. It was open, and he tugged her inside, pushed her to her knees.

“Pretty redhead like you knows what a man wants. Open your lips and suck me good, I’ll give you some gas. But…you gotta earn it. The better you suck, and the deeper you take it, the more gas I give you.”

Her eyes were wide, her heart bouncing in her chest like a rabbit gone wild. It was surreal. Sort of like a story. But it was real. Her knees felt the bite of the hard floor, made harder after an evenings work. The shiver ran through her, unexpected.

“There has to be a minimum. What if I do it and you only give me a gallon of gas? That wouldn’t be fair.”

His hand slid inside the deep vee of her tee-shirt, tugging her tits out of her bra. Rolling her nipples, grinning a nasty smile as she moaned a bit, he spoke. The breath wafting down to her was that of onions and old meat. A quick shudder ran up her spine. Oh. So gross.

“Man, Red, you got one hell of a set of knockers here. Okay, five gallons to start. You make me like you a lot, you get more. Take out my cock and do me.”

Her fingers shook a little as she reached up, tugging on his fly. He flicked a switch, and the blue and red neon sign outside, after one last, stuttering flash, went dark. The only light left on was the small one on the counter. Yet she could see the faint yellow smudges on his underwear. His hygiene issue was a whole body experience, then. Her nose wrinkled. How the hell was she going to put a piss-scented cock in her mouth?

His hand tugged her head back by her hair.

“Red! Get the fuck on with it. I ain’t got all night here. Open your fucking mouth and suck it!”

His cock was stiffening fast. Obviously a man turned on by incipient violence. He shook her head hard once more, then opened his belt, loosening his pants. They fell to his knees, and his once-white undies followed.

“There. Do it. Suck me, cunt.”

Great. Mr. Baseball had to be the kind of guy who likes talking dirty. Too fucking bad she was the kind of girl who liked that too. She felt her own panties get damp. Licking her lips, she took hold of his shaft. It continued to stiffen under her hand. Darting out her tongue, she licked the head, turning her face away.

“What Red? A bit of piss turns you off. Poor widdle whore.” His voice sharpened, and a hand slapped her face, hard. “Put my cock in your fucking pie hole and do it now.”

She obeyed, gagging a bit over the taste, sharp and bright, of urine over her tongue. Her cheeks became concave as she sucked, and he moaned.

“Yeah Red. I like that. Take it deeper. I’m gonna feed it into your mouth if you don’t hurry it up. I gotta get home soon.”

She swirled her tongue along the sensitive underside, hoping to get him off fast. His impatience was echoed in the little thrusts his hips were making, and she whimpered as he began to press deeper. The gag when he hit the back of her throat was pure biology. Though she’d heard of girls who could swallow and evade the gag, she’d never learnt that trick. Bile rose in her throat, but he pushed on, moaning.

She struggled then, seeking breath, panic fluttering. There was still room to draw air, in her nose, out her nose, but the feeling of being choked awoke primal fear, and she pulled back, rapping her head sharply on the wall behind her.

He painted her lips with the head of his cock, wet from her saliva, as she drew ragged breaths, then pressed hard, deep into her throat. Suddenly there was no illusion that this was a blow job–it was a mouth fucking, pure and simple. Grabbing her head, he drove rapidly in and out of her mouth, using her hole.

“Clamp those lips on my cock and suck like you won’t let it go,” he ordered, his tone guttural with his impending orgasm. Short quick strokes followed slow deep ones, the pace altering so that she couldn’t get a handle on a breath pattern.





Gag again.

Twice he pressed her nose against his hairy groin. Twice she felt the mind-blowing panic of his cock buried in her throat deep enough to stop her breath entirely.

He took a step back, his fist wrapped around his slick cock, and jerked the head towards her mouth. A spurt threw the first silver threads upon her tongue, another coated her bottom teeth, another across her nose and upper lip.

“Swallow. I wanna see it gone. Lick that spunk offa your lip. Yeah. Yeah, cunt, I love watching you drink my dirty water. Love that dirty water, don’t you, whore?”

She closed her eyes tight, swallowing fast, trying to not throw up. Hands grabbed her by the tits, then slapped each one hard.

“Go on Red. Go pump your gas. Now that you’re done pumpin’ me. Maybe we’ll do this again sometime, eh?”

She nodded, trying to move out the door.

“One more thing, Red.”

His arm blocked the door from opening. She felt the heat of him behind her, pressing against her, as one hand grabbed her left tit, squeezing and holding her there. From behind her, she felt his other hand work into her jeans.

“No!” she yelped, but in moments, he’d wiggled down and around, cupping her from the back.

His lips moved around the back of her neck. Wet and gross, he licked along the gentle curve, then bit down, none-too-gently, on the flesh hidden under her long ponytail. All the while his thick fingers slid up and along her pussy. Whimpering as a ragged nail scratched across her clit, she was helpless to stop him. Her tit ached, her cunt pulsed, his teeth clamped hard into her flesh. She’d be marked there, she knew.

“You’re so fucking wet I could drive a Chevy up your snatch.”

His hands slid away. With a laugh, he pushed her out the door.

“Later, Red.”

She staggered out into the dark night, hastily shoving her tits back inside her shirt, into her bra as the door locked behind her. Hands shaking, she moved quickly to her car, lifted the latch, pressed the long, curving handle into the hole. How reminiscent of fucking was that, putting the hard shaft of the pump handle deep into the open, waiting hole of her car? She had a burning need to fuck, so turned on she could barely think. Casting a look over her shoulder, she blushed as she watched him watching her, as he lifted his hand and sniffed it deeply.

Quick as she could, she filled her tank, and headed home, the scent of piss in her nose, and the taste of him in her mouth.