Masterbation Fantasy number nasty

“I know, little slut… you can hear them. So close. So almost-possible that they might, maybe, hear you.  If only. If only I hadn’t put that duct tape over your mouth, after stuffing your panties in there.”

“That’s it girl, squirm. Wriggle. You can’t, can you? No.”

“I made those nice and tight. You can certainly try to move, but here you lay, open and exposed. Your pretty little cunt open to my assault.”

“Your sexy whimpers don’t move me a bit, slut. Well, that’s not totally true. They do make my cock hard as a rock. You’ll enjoy the irony, being fucked by a cock that your pleading noises helped to harden.”

“That vibe is right on your clit, isn’t it? mmmmm, I’ll bet that makes you all quivery. Oh, too much? I see you tossing your pretty head ‘no’…but that doesn’t matter, you know. I like seeing you try to fight me. I’m still going to slide between these open thighs.”

“Yesss….just like that…”

“My cock will still slide into your fuckhole. Yes…you’re pretty hot and wet for someone who doesn’t want this. Your nipples are all tight too.”

“Oh, man. That was a good one. Lovely moan. I know, little whore. That had to hurt, didn’t it? I am guessing that no one has ever put anything on these fat nipples of yours, have they? Oh maybe someone’s kissed them, or sucked on them…but stick a tight clothes pin on it? No, that’s all mine. Hurts doesn’t it. I know, I love that it hurts that much. I found two old ones in the back of my kitchen cabinet, just for you.”

“Yes, I did say two. And there’s still just one on one nipple. Let’s fix that…”

“Look at you, writhing again. I think I should distract you from the hurting on your poor lovely fat tits. Turning the vibe up all the way should help you. Oh? No?”

“I love the way the vibe makes your cunt feel. I can feel it too, deep inside your belly when my cock is all the way inside you. I feel the hummmmm of it, and the way your body clenches up around me, like a hot velvet glove.”

“Tight. So wet and tight…”

“I think you’re liking this too much. Here, now, pay attention.”

“Oh, no tears. It was just a little slap to your cheek. Toughen up a bit, slut.  You’ll get all snotty-nosed if you cry and then won’t you have a hard time breathing, what with your dirty panties in your mouth…”

“Oh, I hear car doors….they must be moving away.”

“O…yeah…take it cunt…take my dick up your pussy…all…the ….fucking…way…”

“You fucking whore….I’m….gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwd…..”

“No, I’m gonna keep this vibe right here. I know how sensitive your clit will be after cumming. Yeah…wriggle. Writhe. Try to get away.”

“You won’t.”


4 thoughts on “Masterbation Fantasy number nasty

  1. Mmmm, nice story. Too bad there is no masturbation for me today now.

    BTW, not related to this story, but all your tentacle porn inspired me to write one of my own the other day. Talk about things I never thought I’d be into! But you were pretty inspiring! My Master liked it well enough.

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