“Sit. No, right there on the toilet.”

“Sir?” (her voice quivers nervously. she has a real hang-up about pissing when others can hear it)

“You need to pee. I need a blowjob. We’ll take care of both things at the same time. Get comfortable, I think it could take some time before I feel like cumming.”

(crimson-faced, she stares up at Him. she knows that He can hold off an orgasm for a long while, longer than she could hold the urgent need of her bladder)


“There are no ‘but’s’ little slut. Only the one sitting on the potty. Such a pretty little thing you are, all little-girl faced and needing to pee.”

(the blush deepens, spreads)

“One other thing. If you fart, I’m going to pull my cock out of your mouth and slap your face. Farting in front of your Sir is inappropriate, wouldn’t you say? No pooping unless you ask, first. Do you need to pop a poo from your butt?”

(horrified, she has no inkling of how to answer. who didn’t sometimes poop a bit when they peed? how could she ask such a humiliating thing?)


(how she wanted to drop her eyes, stare at His shoes, have the floor open up and swallow her whole)

“i’m not sure, Sir. Maybe?”

“Maybe there’s poo in your ass? Should we check first?”

“NO! Sir, please no…”

(His laugh is loud and deeply amused. If one could die of embarrassment, she knew she’d be six-foot-under by now)

“Alright, little slut. One more thing.”

(He reaches between her slightly opened thighs and probes her pussy. A shiver runs through her at the familiar touch even as shame, and the brilliant heat of embarrassment floods her.)

“As I thought.”

(He wipes His hand across her tits, slicking them with her own pussy juice.)

“Shall we begin?”

(she opens her mouth to receive His cock, fighting the need to pee, even as she savors the flavor of Him on her tongue.)

(He leans into her, pushing His shaft into her mouth deeply. And reaching the handle of the faucet, turns the water on.)


17 thoughts on “bj

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you abby…it was one of those lightbulb moments, as I wrote it…it just (pardon the pun) poured out of me in about 10 minutes… lol…


  1. Wow, nice! I have given a BJ to Master while sitting on the toilet, but he’s never made me hold off on peeing that way. That would be hard (I have no hang up about not peeing in front of him though).

    1. I don’t have pee-hang ups too…i think it’s from having kids and zero piss-privacy. The other day I was…well, not pissing, and the 9 yo barges in and starts waving his hand in front of his face going “eww MOM!” and I’m like…I’m on the frigging *toilet*…is it supposed to smell like rosepetals??? *laughing helplessly*


  2. I’m with you and ksst….I have no hang-ups on peeing in front of others…AND I have given a BJ while sitting on the toilet. I think the heat for me comes from knowing that he takes control…and takes his pleasure!


    1. nice! I envy you for having that availability! When we are together we spend MOST Of our time in the bed (or on the wall or over the desk or…*giggling*)

      I think it’s neat that your heat comes from his control. Sounds PERFECT to me!!


  3. Have done a few times, but never at his insistence. It’s always because, well, he was naked and erect just standing there ……how could I possibly pass up an opportunity like that?

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