“naughty nilla” sez Master

He did buy me a sandwich and a cuppa.

He did make His schedule work out so that we had some face time.

He did make me laugh after a rotten day, did make me giggle at some of His comments, and did make me blush when He talked about Big Red.

He gave me “the look” when I made an attempt to tweak one of His man-nipples as He was talking about something very vanilla.

And paused.

(rut-roe…I know that look)

“You know, nilla, I’m going to shove Big Red up your ass so far that your eyes will change color–they’ll be purple.”

(smart Master for remembering in the heat of the moment that blue and red make purple, don’t you think?) (wonder how much hell I’ll catch for this comment, hmmm? LOL…walking on the precipice, Master, just pushing that mystical envelope ever closer to the edge…which is well off in the distance, right??!)

And good damn golly…. once I thought about that, it was a sobering comment. One that certainly made me blink.

And withdraw the offending nilla-hand back over to my side of the table. And wrap it around my tea-cup rather quickly.

I think they call that a judicious retreat or some such, right? *laughing*

And then He said some crazy-assed thing. You know –about belts and butt plugs and that He remembers every smartass comment I make. That there will be a day of reckoning. And I will pay dearly with my ass.

Of course I responded in appropriate “good slut” fashion.

I kept my mouth shut.


A frigging miracle, right?

But I did take out my phone, took this picture under the table:

finger(it’s a wee bit dark, but if you look carefully, that’s my left hand. And yanno. My left middle finger. And then? I sent it to Him, while smiling.

Yeah. While we were still sitting at the table at Starbucks.

He laughed. Laughed, and then gave me another of those Dom-looks. The kind that sends a shiver right up my spine, and make me wet, simultaneously.

“This is bloggable, nilla. You are so naughty. It’s time your fan base realized exactly what I have to put up with during one of these visits.”

He puts on His “affronted Master” face, but His eyes are twinkling. Which of course sent me off in gales of hysterical laughter.

He reminded me with just a few words of His prior comment.

“Master remembers. Every. Thing.

We have tentative plans for a December play day. I’m thinking maybe…December 2016 would work for me.

Whadda ya think, Master?

*laughing that naughty nilla laugh*