HNT ~ Big Red

Yes, it sends tremors of fear through me.

And fear is a powerful  turn-on for me.

He teases me mercilessly about this…

and it makes me nervous

and it turns me on

no folks,

Ms. Pussy is not dead.

She drools every time He texts about this, and every time I look at this picture. Big Red. A fearful “intruder”…and a powerful aphrodisiac.



Big Red

Worry not, Big Red. I’ll be waiting,wearing my best pearls. I’ll be waiting, BR,  albeit nervously, for our December date. (And Big Red? I won’t really cry much if your GPS sends you to Boise instead of central New England….just sayin’…)




21 thoughts on “HNT ~ Big Red

  1. oh nilla- thanks so much for posting the pic- that made my morning. I have the same one- but mine is black not red. Oh the fun you, I mean your Master will have in December!!

    PS- Nice view from his porch!!

    1. oh my. So YOU really know how giant it is..oh dear. Don’t tell me. I can kinda figure it out from the planking on his deck rails. I’m kinda fearful of this thing.





    1. hahahaha…

      I dunno if I’m brave…but I’m HIs sub and we do what HE wants, right?

      I suppose if I cry and carry on enough He might stop.

      For a second.


      And that’s exactly the kind of Dom I need. Someone to push me. 🙂


    1. nope.

      Big red is not at my place.

      BR is at MASTER’s place. And soon Master will place it where HE most wants it.

      Which is where I most DON”T want it.

      (which is the tricky side of this D/s thing yanno? I want what He wants to do to me, even when it’s THAT THING…and that turns me on and its so fucking confusing isn’t it?)


  2. YIKES!! That’s – that’s – impressive! Would it be mean to say “better you than me?” Yeah, i think it might be, erase that please, sorry, but – oh, my. i know you’ll probably love it… yikes…

    1. i don’t think I will love it. I don’t.

      what I will love is HIM making me take it. and HIM fucking me with that in my butt.

      erotic and nasty and painful and very very D/s.

      and yeah…definitely need to erase the better you than me thought…though I can admit I do think it would be better for you than me.



    1. I love how if you look at the tree bark- it gives an ENORMOUS point of reference!
      Use a Soda can as a Point of reference. YIKES!

      1. jeezus faithful…lmao!!!

        well, standard decking planks for under supports are 2X4’s. The flat deck top rail is also either a 2X 4 or a 2X6 which still makes that one fucking big thing planning to go up my pooper.



    1. 🙂

      I’m just “gearing up” for the event. Which, maybe big red will fall in a well or something *before* …one can hope, anyway.


    1. I don’t even want to think about bigger. Bigger is….irrelevant. bigger is too much. Bigger is…*thud* (fainted…………

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