He’s been texting and teasing me about Big Red ever since last Sunday, when I first learned of the New Butt Plug and his presence in Master’s arsenal.

It fills me with no little trepidation.

It rocks me with a wild lust.

Isn’t that fucking weird?


I’m scared of that fucking thing…yet I am (kinda, sorta) looking forward to His dominating me and making me take it. Scared, and turned on.

Not scared as in “He’ll do whatever He wants to me no matter if it will permanently harm me”–He is very careful with His belongings. Meticulous, even. But the teasing, the subtle torment He’s laved on me via text and phone calls? Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Major turn-on.

“I am so looking forward to fucking you while Big Red resides in your asshole.”

Just writing that, His words to me on Thursday via text, makes me shiver, makes my pussy quiver, turns my belly into hot wet jello.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-read that particular text.

It’s so sadistic, so Dommy, so very much what I crave. Even without the big event happening, I’m already a nerved-up, turned-on slutty mess.  It can’t get much better than that as a set up.

Keep your fingers crossed, for a playdate is in the offing, hopefully in early December. It’s been a while, and I’m anticipating our playtime, even while I pause and shudder at the thought of Big Red.

You know.


(you’re a porn erotic writer, nilla. Say it.)

(oh myyy)

In my ass.

Broaching the tight (nervously tight) boundaries of my asshole. And staying there awhile. Being fucked in my pussy, while my ass is full.

The thing of so many of my masturbation fantasies, come to reality.

And then there’s the beating I need. That He has promised me. It seems we’ll come together at a crossroads of mutual need. He needs to beat someone–and this particular someone slut needs to be beaten.

It doesn’t get much better than that.


7 thoughts on “Domly

  1. There are ‘certain’ text messages that get more than one reading..LOL. I don’t find it so weird….and the anticipation…smart man!
    hugs abby

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