This, That, and the Other Thing

First–don’t panic. It *is* snowing on many of the WordPress blogs…it starts December 1 and ends sometime in January–you’re not losing your mind…(well, that’s a judgement call I can’t really make, right? Maybe you *are* but it’s not over my “snowing” blog! It would more likely be caused by one of my tentacle stories, I’d think….)

This is really just a micro-update, as time is short for me today. I need to write. NEEEEEEEED to write. I’ve had a few nasty things in my head…I think I’ll include one of the snippets at the end of this post, just to keep you comin’…..back for more.

Thanks for all the luscious comments. I will reply to them all, hopefully by midweek, okay? Just know that I’m reading them all, and being touched and tickled by each and every one!

Master and I did NOT meet this past weekend. SO SAD! And yanno….it was all my fault. I just had too much on my plate and there was NO way to squeeze in a visit, even a short one, into the weekend. Sometimes life is like that, but I don’t *like* it, not one little bit. (Sounds like the beginnings of a D/s-style Suess thing doesn’t it? And yes, I spelled that name wrong on purpose so that some kid doing a google search doesn’t wind up here. I have no idea if the interwebz does that or not, but we’ll hope for “not”…)

Playtime is coming and I’m *praying* that we don’t get a snowstorm. Like really, Mother Nature, please don’t fuck up my fuck date, right? I’ll cast a circle and offer my prayers and hopefully She will let Master and I have our time.

I told you about the tit caning, I think, in my last post. He’s been teasing me about it a wee bit. I think He’s kind of excited that I asked. Geeze, you give a sadist a stick and they’re all kinds of happy, right? Do NOT tell Him I said that, okay? *laughing*

Okay, I  am out of time for blathering on about not much of anything. So here is the snippet that popped into my head the other day.


“So that’s two small fries, two cheeseburgers, a vanilla shake, and a diet cola?”


“That’ll be $8.59 at the first window, sir.”


He drives forward, through the small queue of cars. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day He comes to the burger joint, there’s always a line. His fingers tap restlessly on the wheel until His truck is at the first window. He hands the girl at the window a ten, waves his change away. Inching forward, He is finally at the food pick-up window. The rich smell of hot fries fills the cab of the truck. Slotting the drinks into the cup holder, He has the first burger unwrapped and consumed before the truck is even parked. Driving down the lot, He finds an opening, turns into the parking space, turns off the engine as He unwraps the second burger. Taking a bite, the first rush of hunger assuaged, He speaks, mouth full, before taking a slug of the diet cola.

“Okay, you may eat now.”

The woman beside him has unfastened her seatbelt. The smell of the burger intensifies as He takes another large bite.  Her mouth waters at the delicious smell of hot food as her tummy gurgles in empty protest. Knowing her task,  she  moves across the truck cab towards him, slipping off the wide bench seat and wedges herself between his thighs. His fly is down, His semi-rigid cock bumping her nose as she opens her lips and begins to caress him with her tongue.  His hand slips over the top of her head in a brief caress, then reaches for the small bag of fries, as she takes his cock into her mouth and begins her feast.


(I do declare….the things I think of during thanksgiving feasting…soooo naughty !!)