He Began…

…with the text “and don’t forget to bring the bag of Wolf’s special gifts to Me.”

*big gulp*

I texted back some innocuous “okay” type of thing, but inside? Quivers. The header you see there? (last day for that as I have new shoes to show ya’ll tomorrow) That’s the contents of The Bag. And they are scary in the hands of a fucking mean Master. Okay He’s not really mean in the bad sense. But He is a Sadist and He doesn’t go at all easy with these things. There is no warm up. There just is *WHAM*.

And the thought of it, of packing it and bringing it and laying it on the bed for Him…

Well dammit it made me so wet.

*stamps foot*


Why why why? Coz I’m a masochist? Because I’m fucked up? I dunno. Just the way I’m wired. But it did totally turn me on. I was a hot soggy mess all that day, and the next. Every time I looked at that text I got a little pop of “turn on”.  I’d try to not look at it, you know? Avoidance? Fear? Extreme excitement? But I’d always scroll back to read His order.

There is so much. So many pieces of this day. So many bits to linger over. The bruises, which I may or may not show. My tits are totally purple and pink and blue. He caned so wickedly. And I bruise so easily. I had bruises in the first 5 minutes of play. And just touching them, seeing them, running my hands over them, leaves me lost in memories.

I’m such a wicked girl.

And I like it.

11 thoughts on “He Began…

  1. Your Master is a master at building anticipation….i have a bag that i have to bring on command…sometimes it sits unused…other times…wow! But having it by the door waiting…..
    that is an awesome collection of floggers.
    hugs abby

    1. Thank you abby…it’s a gift from wordwitch’s Wolf…and I really really hate him for it. 🙂 Man that rubber thin flogger is a fucking *beast*…and Master certainly does know how to get me all tingly…even before we meet.


  2. Oh, I can so SO relate. I’m choosing not the label myself as fucked up (at the moment.) But I regularly wonder why I am the way I am. And…I’m such the addict. I adore that control and the pain and …oh!

    Can’t wait to see the shoes =)


    1. I’m choosing to celebrate who I am rather than navel gazing. Most days, anyway. 🙂 But knee deep in wickedness is so much nicer, isn’t it?


    1. Hope you enjoyed the pix…and i have to say I’m mighty pleased with how the new header looks…so much so that I opted to NOT use wordpress’s new Holiday blog format. 🙂


  3. Oh…. Wolf smiled when he read your post over my shoulder. He smiled that impish grin. The one that makes me shiver… I told him about your antenna and he said…”A car antenna makes a very good whip.”

    Looking forward to hearing more of your date. 🙂 So glad you had time together.

    1. a car antenna is evil…and glorious. Man, that got me *flying*…

      who thinks that Mr. Wolf will soon be scouring car parts junkyards…. 🙂

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