Color me Painful

It’s been…what? 72 hours or so I guess, since I was with the Man. Some bruises are blooming in shades of indigo and puce. (Silly aside here, did you know puce is a brilliant pink? I always thought it was green but it isn’t.) So some parts are pink-red, some are blue, some are blackish and some are green. I’m a rainbow! And depending on how I move, I feel some of the things He did to me. The bites on my right shoulder are especially tender today.

It’s funny how the pain comes in waves like that, isn’t it? It can take days before the full brunt of our playtime registers on the pain scale (she says as she shifts her sitting position to alleviate the ache on her right butt cheek.)It helps me remember, and keeps me in that spaced out zone too. There was a moment, there, when I was chanting “the road to bliss is filled with pain..” and He heard me.


I repeated it.

I couldn’t see Him, face buried on the wall, but I could *feel* Him grinning, like a little kid who sees the bike under the tree on Christmas morning.

He nailed my back with the rubber threaded whip from Wolf and made me cry…and I totally forgot the chant then.

I did, however, find my bliss. Took some time to get there since up until that point He’d been slow and steady and methodical in giving pain…enough to keep my attention, to keep me turned on, but to not push me over the edge, you know? It’s a delightful balancing act…too much and the slut goes into blissland too fast and HE doesn’t get to enjoy the delivery. I’m not sure how He judges it, really.

He and I wanted pictures of my new “fuck me brainless” shoes, and we took a series. It was hard getting good light as the sky was pewter gray outside the window, and the soft yellow glow of the room lights didn’t make for optimal photo’s. We took this one:

red shoe twoand it came out okay. We won’t win awards for it, to be sure, but you can certainly see the shoes!

Later we took a few pictures of the shoes with me on my belly, feet kicked up in the air behind me. I heard the little snap that the camera makes, another.

There was a long pause.

The Man moves with an amazing amount of stealth, have I mentioned that? He can move *silently*.

Which He did.

Fetching a little surprise for me. A series of whacks with some fucking thing or other on my ass.

“Thought you were issuing an invitation there,” He says, His tone innocent.

Rubbing my now red and aching butt with one gloved hand, I gave Him a glare.

“I thought we were taking pictures.”

I flop back over onto my belly, muttering.

“I wasn’t ready for that.”

“Oh well,” He says cheerfully.

“Your ass is *almost* the same color as the shoes,” He says, His voice, amused, comes from right beside me.

He whacks me again as I yelp.



20 thoughts on “Color me Painful

    1. don’t you hate when Doms laugh that laugh?
      (and dangnabit…isn’t it annoying how much that turns us on?!)

      nilla, grinning wickedly

    1. Those are *amazing* fuck me red shoes. And they feel so good on. Not, mind you, after standing at the Wall for fucking-ever. How do girls wear them for 8 hours at a time? omg.

      🙂 still, longing to wear them again.


  1. I really think your Master should share with us poor gals where he gets such gorgeously outrageously slutty shoes! What is it about red shoes, to me they always seem more risqué than other colours 🙂

    1. are they not the bomb? * swoons*
      I can tell you where those came from coz I ordered them (and had His permission prior to that)

      Hips n Curves (and they were on CLEARANCE!!!) Under $25 bucks (normally close to $60)…def. check them out!


    1. Oh, I’m loving my reminders. It’s Friday and I’m not hurting so much. I woke up on time today, and realized…I’m almost healed. Still bruisy…those take some time to fade, but still so happy inside. I love when the happy lingers. 🙂


  2. Loving your reunion with him and sooooo love those shoes even if there would be no way in hell I could walk in them!


    1. Your comment made me laugh, out loud. And yanno…uh…*clears throat*…there wan’t much actual *walking* in them. Okay, He had me strut up and down the room a bunch of times as He enjoyed them. But other than that we enjoyed them while I was on the bed. 🙂


  3. Very cute shoes Nilla!

    And I’m afraid I have to disagree; I’m pretty sure that puce is the colour of dried blood, somewhere between dark brownish red and purple. But you likely have some of that colour on you too!

    1. LOL…You’re right…I have that color too. (and eww. dried blood. No wonder people mocked “gentlemen in puce jackets”… LOL!)

      Aren’t those freaking awesome shoes, though?


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