Leftie ~ HNT

I’ve been mulling over this…this freaky thing we do…questioning my needs. And then realized I don’t need to justify anything.  Just like I have bright blue eyes, I am kinky. Just like I like chocolate, I like to be beaten. Just as I am…is fine. I’m not hurting anyone. Well, okay, myself, but in a postive way. It feeds me. I am so “clean” inside now. Not stressing, not fretful.


I wouldn’t trade that feeling for all the tea in China.

So, navel-gazing done, I decided to show a wee bit of His handiwork in granting my plea to “please cane my tits hard”.

Happy HNT!


9 thoughts on “Leftie ~ HNT

  1. I love bruises. I loved looking at mine after a session; it sort of brought back some of the bliss i felt when getting them.

    And yours are lovely.

  2. Do you find he favors one of the girls over the other?
    While BG divides his attentions fairly well, I swear he has a slight preference for the larger one.

    (you know, the one that makes me SO right-handed!)

    1. LOL…He doesn’t *seem* to show a preference unless He is doing the biting/sucking part…then it is definitely the bigger ‘un. 🙂 Men. Doms. Both.


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